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started making the second map, this is obviously in progress and so i might as well give you a short demo of the mod, this is somewhat of a big map

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the map i just showed will have lots of enemies but you will spawn in a small room with supplies and you will have to fight or be lucky with the enemies and rush to the door, but its much better if you fight since the door is slow to open so just be careful since when i say lots of enemies i mean 15+ enemies are at your door (well not really but eh) and it doesnt look much on the photo because i just started

edit: while playtesting, i saw that there were skybox issues, as in, one side of the map doesnt work as intended, and i dont know how to actually fix it properly, so just take note of that before downloading the mod (or the demo-like file download which is coming soon, since the entire mod will take long to finish)

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