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Hello folks, this is a new update, the simple things that i finished will be shown here.

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So, a new map i am developing is starting, it is a mygeeto themed map, where there is two entrances to the CIS base, guarded by 2 heavy walkers each, the republic will have 2 AT-TEs to assault the base, aswell as LAAT support, the separatists also get vulture droids for ground support, the map going to have a 1-flag ctf support as well as Conquest mode support, since i just started creating this idea it will take sometime before i acctually show it, on a separate note, i fixed my PC, it means dev will be a little bit slowled. but nothing critical.

I also Finished the basic Clone wars stat changes, nothing big just some file changes, i've been busy doing nothing just waiting to stuff download on this pc, so i've might forgot some stuff im modding, nothing to worry about. That rounds it up, hope you guys didnt tought this mod was dead. Bye

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