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These are the new feature of the "Mad Max" update.

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Far Cry 2 madmax2

The new "Mad Max" Update introduce you the new element to this game...


"Mediocre!(yell at the wind shield)"

Magnum Opus

The apocalyptic world is never safe without a foul wheel, gas guzzling beauty and a trust worthy dual barrel partner by your side! For a long time they have been separated from each other, now it's time for a reunion!


“Once, I was a cop, a road warrior searching for a righteous cause.”

You Want To Stay Alive, You Do As I Say

Before hopping on the ride, do remember these simple tricks, it might just happen to save your life:

  1. To draw your secondary weapon, press "6"
  2. To shoot, press "LMB".
  3. To zoom-in, press "RMB".
  4. To holster your secondary weapon, press "2"
  5. To reload and unjam, press "R"
  6. The flip map bottom has been changed to "T" (to prevent some bug.)
  7. That's it. Now hit the gas.


"Don't breathe."

Everything Hurts Out Here

Now here's the ugly truth. Although you can now draw the weapon and pull the trigger--- you just CAN'T aim, something in the animation or program code just stop the arm moving with the camera, still, you can use the facing of you car to get an idea of where the bullet's going to land, thou it will be difficult from the beginning, when you start to get the hand of it, you will going to enjoy it quite a lot and start to show your veterancy that you built up from surviving this crude world!


"Trick shot."

My name is Max… that's my name.

Now this is the end of this update, still, there are some unsolved problem that riddled this mod, if you happen to know how to improve this mod, feel free to tell me, as long as there are new ideas, there's will be new updates, now, let a new journey begins!


"The drive and shoot mechanism is in the "vehicles.gosm.xml" , which is located at :


(If you happen to know how to UNLOCK the camera angle for the drive and shoot, please do tell me,and thanks for your help in advance! :)

Onward to Fury Road


"I am the road warrior."

Other change/improvement with the new "Mad Max" Update:

  1. Enemies now throw Molotov Cocktails.
  2. The "Underground Movement" fighters now only use Molotov Cocktails instead of grenades.
  3. More weapon variety for the "Underground Movement" fighters.
  4. Add some animation that I forget to add in at the first place.
  5. Some weapon damage/recoil tweaks.
  6. Increase buddy's health so you don't have to babysit them every time
  7. IED is a gadget now.(so the player could have more gameplay strategy)
  8. IED detonator model reverted back to the original.
  9. Flare gun now reverted back to secondary weapons.
  10. Faster sliding speed, and higher agility to the player's overall movement.
  11. Some possible bug fix for the crashes and the invisible enemy bug.

PS. This SHALL be your background music:

That's it, hope you enjoy the mod, now boot up the game and ride eternal, shiny and chrome! ;) (1/15/2020)

Features form previous "Apocalypse Now" update:


The new "Apocalypse Now" Update introduce you the new element to this game...


"What IS this "Underground Movement"? Who are those people that killed my men?" -An APR Lieutenant.

"This IS definitely not the work of the APR roaches!" -An UFLL Sergeant.

Now it's...Apocalypse

New Dunia MOD v2.0.0: Apocalypse_Now

A three tides war

The Origin

Seeing all the innocents, friends, families and their country got torn apart by the never-ending civil war, the "Underground Movement" is an secret organization that is majorly made up of bunch of indigenous people who have already tired of running and hiding from the viscous flame of war, instead of running away, they picked up their rifles, and gathered whatever resources they can find to protect and defend their loved ones, and if anyone dares to harm them, they're ready to use anything necessary to fight them-even by sacrificing their own lives.


"A rare photo of an U.M. member in action.(1990)"

Only Fools Stay Now

Maybe it seems foolish to stay in a country at the brink of total Apocalypse, but when it comes to the combat, those fighters of the Underground Movement are surely not fooling around, although pretty under equipped compared to those foreign militias, with the solely purpose of fighting for their loved ones and the will to sacrifice their life at any moment, their morals are higher than those militia who only fights for power and greed, they are the best example of "Mind over matter".

Screenshot0010 1

"Ready to ambush."

The Intel

To recognize an Underground Movement member, we can start from these three perspectives:


Intel shows that most of the member are born and raise in this land, which means 99.9% of them are black man.


2. Eqquipment

As a technology and economy underdog, they won't have any of the fancy weapons, and they only drive Jeeps with a Jerry-built machine gun. (On contrary to the enemy with a M2 heavy machine gun on jeep from start.)


3. Outfits

Without any economy support, they only dress themselves casually with: T-shirt, armless T-shirt and shirts, without the military camo patterns, also they have a limited choice for hats, mostly beanies ,baseball caps or none, finally, you won't see any military accessory on them.(Including straps and professional gun hostler)


Together Or Die

Now the player can join the fight with them, but MAKE NO MISTAKE, they don't have the responsibility to take care of the player, they only fight for their people, they will surely glad to have any help in a combat, but remember, YOU, the player, are still a mercenary, a foreigner to them.




"Buckle up!"

Features form previous "Complete" update:

1.Improved vehicle and mounted weapon view angles and FOVs.



2.Stealth kill mechanism:




3.Truck engine sound restored!

Links of the issue from the original game:


Awesome work!

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Thank you~!^^

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