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The Kornit lands have been invaded by the Khärn led by Bajheera. The invasion continues its course and the war cries attract warriors from all over Skara. The survivors from the Ruins of the Zem covet now even more loot and glory of this conflict and start “A Path to the Long North”. Other warriors, however, will try to take advantage of this situation to ambush travelers and steal their food, their valuables... and their lives.

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Greetings, survivors!

We are happy to unveil our new Lore Event: “A Path to the Long North”. It will follow the story of “The Battle of Kornit” as most of the warriors in Skara are heading to Tamvaasa land seeking fights and glory in the war that is taking place there.

This new Lore Event starts now (today Friday the 14th at 4pm CET) and you will get a reward just for participate in it!

Join us in 30 minutes on Twitch for the initial streaming in this event introduction at 4:30pm (CET) as usual:

The rewards for Top Players will be similar as in the previous Lore Events: those of you who lead each Culture Ranking at the end of the event will be forever remembered in Skara being the protagonists of your own Chapter in the next Lore piece.

Moreover, the survivors who manage to climb to the Top 10 positions in the Global Ranking will be rewarded with the following amount of in-game currency, respectively:

  1. 3100 Karats
  2. 1750 Karats
  3. 1100 Karats
  4. 525 Karats
  5. 525 Karats
  6. 255 Karats
  7. 255 Karats
  8. 255 Karats
  9. 255 Karats
  10. 255 Karats

“A Path to the Long North” will end next Thursday the 20th at 4pm (CET).

See you on the battlefield,

The Skara Team

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