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We will quote here, because the mod had broke out, what happened, how we regrouped again, some people from the old group called (Ghosts), now called Lost Mods.

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  • First: Hello there everyone reading this.
  • For a long time, a good amount of stalkers, decided to create a group called Ghosts, this group stood for 4 years, I sang several things, we created animations, intro movies, short movies in 3D, then in 2009, we know the Stalker (game), finished the three stories, after a certain time, we know the SDK 0.4 tool, we open mouth, then began to study it, our knowledge nesa tool is too great, then one day, we started doing little mods with it, then wanted something bigger, our idea was to create a new history for Stalker SOC, then starting in 2014, met the Lost Alpha mod, but Foxhunter and I wanted to do something bigger than LA, we were obsessed by the LA but the entire group of GHOSTS, disagreed with me, and Foxhunter, there was a series of fights, until I decided to close the doors of GHOSTS, the entire group broke up, I was very sorry.
  • So I wanted to create the group again, but 95% of people who were in it, not agreed, then only a few have stayed with me, jonathasfire, -Sidorovich-, stalkerespantalho, Foxhunter gave up, and I gave a new name to the group, LostMods, has a meaning to that name, do all the mods that had us in mind, the first reconstruction SHC will be good, we will do one at a time, and everyone will take, because our idea is extensive rebuild all maps SHOC.
  • We are working with new items, we will not escape the original game's storyline. But we will make the area more blessed.
  • Stalker Good Luck, Good Hunting.
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