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Long time, i haven't update this game but with great news i come here with. A new weapon is added the Gewehr 98! A Mauser 5 round bolt action rifle made by me. We would also be making level 4 now. After i have finished level 3.

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Level 1 - 4 is finally finished and so we would be moving to level 5 In level 4, i added a tank mission so the player would be escaping from a broken down A7V and running back to his lines across No Man's Land. It would be shown in a first person prespective.

Level 5 would feature a gas mission where the player has to greach to safety in a gas filled trench. The map would feature no enemies or weapons. The goal of this mission is to reach to a safe distance.

Level 6 may be the last level. I don't really have any more ideas for the game. So if you do have then do tell us and so we could make level 6. Level 6 may be the final ending.

I am also include a flight mission in level 6 but i will see what i can do.

All right by the time you read this. I have finished the game with four levels but the game is horrible! I think it is the worst game ever so.... do you want me to release it or not?

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