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Just a quick Update on some changes and new features added to the mod...

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Hello Everyone Felix here and today I want to quickly go over the New Lands Update coming to the mod. First off a new faction vying for Arkan has arisen, Eberoth, A western kingdom set on destroying the empire and and taking its Arkan lands. Eberoth holds 4 Arkan fiefs, The city of Eberoth, Eberoth Castle, Roth east, and Roth south. Second off The Empire of the Veagirs now holds 2 new fiefs of the old Arkan lands, Malak Castle and Malak East. Below are some images of the new fiefs as well as a new download for version v0.21. If you have any questions just ask them in the comments below.

Second Version: World of Arkan v0.21

Here are some pictures of the new lands update:

Map of Arkan (Arkan Lands surrounded in Black Outline):

Art5 1

Roth East:

Art1 1

Roth South:

Art2 1

Malak Castle:

Art3 1

Art4 2

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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