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A new series of jobs has begun in the closed alpha of Exploit: Zero Day. Sign up to get alpha access to our social cyberpunk puzzle game!

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At Future Proof games, we've been spending time focusing on new features for our social cyberpunk puzzle game Exploit: Zero Day. Over the past several weeks, though, we've returned to regular content updates! The game is still in closed alpha, but if you want a free access key you can sign up for the mailing list at the website.

Here's some spoiler-free info on the jobs we've released lately:

Fearsome Aspect

You are contacted by a new player from the shadowy corporation Samsara Digital. Chamunda is ruthless and cruel, but she is demanding your help in stopping someone who's blackmailing one of Samsara's clients. Will you help Chamunda and protect the client's family, or side with the doxxer?

Ghost in the Machine

A mysterious figure claiming to be a dead woman is searching for information on a shooting in a police database. Are they who they say they are? And who is trying to keep this information hidden?

§1030 5-0

Coming Soon! Chamunda returns as you work to decrypt the video you've uncovered. What happened in Terre Haute? How did a man get killed by police? How does the ghost know about all this?

To try out these jobs as well as the rest of Zero Day, check out the game site. Make your own puzzles and story clusters. Talk to the game's characters on the forums. Uncover the conspiracies with the help of your friends. Zero Day is waiting.

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