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No Limit Games is looking for additional team members to come and work with us on Vengeance, and possibly other games to follow

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These are the positions we're looking to fill:

- Character Modeling
- Character Rigging
- Character Texturing
​- Character Animation
- Unity Programmer 
- Level Design

Character Modeling:

The character development department is looking for individuals that are capable of going from concept to hi poly 3D model. Each character for Vengeance are bi-ped humanoid characters and should look as realistic and proportionate as possible.

  • Must be able to work in Maya or 3DS (Other 3D modeling programs are acceptable if they are compatible with Unity and Maya/3DS)
  • Must be able to meet timelines efficiently
  • Must maintain constant communication with manager on progress
  • Samples of your best work

Character Rigging:
These individuals are able to take a finished 3D model and add a skeletal system to the model (rigging) getting it ready for animation.

  • Understanding of human anatomy in regards to joint movements
  • Capable of completing rig assignments quickly and correctly
  • Able to meet all deadlines Must maintain constant communication with manager on progress

Character Texturing:
This individual needs to know how to work with texturing for a 3D model in order to bring them to life.

  • Must show samples of your best texturing work
  • Must be proficient in 3Ds and Maya

Character Animation:
This individual will handle creating an animation to a rigged character and packaging the animation for import into the game engine (Unity 3D)

  • Must be able to duplicate motions from video(s) at near 100% exact
  • Must be able to make smooth motions
  • Preferred knowledge in packaging animations for import to Unity3D
  • Samples of your best work

Unity Programming:
This position requires several sets of skills. Those that apply for this position do not need to posses all of the various skills, just one

  • Animation Programming/Mapping
    • Take imported animations for each character and attach to their rig.
    • Keyboard mapping for each rig and the appropriate animation
    • Setup character physics and collision areas
  • Combat System Programming
    • Setup damage calculation system
    • Setup fight dynamics
    • Setup combo system
      • Attach combo and fight system to specific animations
  • User Interface
    • Create in game menu
    • Setup character selection screens
    • Program player health bar
    • Work with combat system programmers to calculate correct deduction to health bars based on damage taken
    • Create game timer
    • Create loading screens
  • Sound Programmer
    • Attach game sounds to characters and actions/events
    • Attach sounds to menu items
    • Program in game music and stage music
  • Level Programmer
    • Import game levels
    • Attach user interface scripts to display in correct locations on game level
    • Program camera setup and movement
    • Bring character from selection menu into level in their correct positions
    • Initiate game controls
    • Initiate music and user interface
    • Initiate combat system


  • Expert knowledge in Unity is preferred
  • Samples of your best work (games you have programmed)
  • C# and/or JavaScript programming knowledge

Applicants can apply by email at or go to the Recruiting page of our site,

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