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In the video game industry today, we look for a game with the best graphics and the best gameplay. There are some major contenders who bring home the bacon with a combination of both but there are many companies who are lacking it all. The Developers and Publishers are Nexon ok your going to have to add them administrator ok. Nexon America, a sister company to Nexon Korea, has released their latest game called Combat Arms. With many free games on their list, how can a small company who makes t

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[Update] Time Release Content Update Notes 11/11


Attention Soldiers!

Command has made another supply drop to keep you going while you're in
the field! Now you can fight even in the worst conditions, with the
Chemical Gas Mask, M14 SE, and two new supply cases!

New NX Items:

Chemical Gas Mask

M14 SE

Supply Case RPK-N

Supply Case M24-N

Also, don't forget to check out the Pistol Month Sales!

Content Update Schedule

This is a Combat
Arms’ time release update. Our regular monthly content update (which
will require server downtime) takes place the last Tuesday of every
month. This update will be followed approximately two weeks later by a
time-released new content update that won’t require a server shutdown.
This is our way of ensuring that all of you warriors out there have a
steady supply of weapons and gear to keep you going on the battlefield!

Good luck out there!

--Combat Arms Command--

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