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Some interesting demo insights and a peculiar challenge for anyone who is ready to receive a very warm reward!

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Hello everyone,
things are heating up as only 4 days are missing to the beginning of Landflix Odyssey’s Kickstarter campaign!
Since someone asked us about the game difficulty level, we’ll give a little more insight about it. We also want to challenge everyone to help us with a delicate issue… Read more to discover what that is about!

How difficult will the game be?

The difficulty will be increasing throughout the gaming experience. We decided to follow the old school as we don’t want the game to be too simple, like some ultra-modern ones. It won’t be a Cuphead, just to be clear, but will still require a growing commitment as you progress through the game. Since the early players of the beta version asked us to simplify some parts, we decided to insert extra checkpoints. So now it’s a little bit easier, but not too much! Hope we’ve found the right balance.

How long each level will last?

On average, each level will last from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on player’s experience.

How many levels?

There will be 5 levels for each TV show, for a total of 25 levels.

Finally, here’s the challenge for you: we’ve experienced a bug that we cannot reproduce no matter what we try. The bug is about the interaction between slimes and petrification. You all are challenged to find it! The one who will manage, will win a hug from our level designer, Federico!

Keep following us and don’t forget our next appointment: 5th February, start of Kickstarter campaign!

Thank you!

Happy #indieGameDev!

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