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A new version 1.055 modification Blitzkrieg 2.5! specified characteristics of units, mirror surface of rivers and lakes, new shells exploding, new units, changes in the gameplay, corrected bugs.

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the downloaded file is placed in a folder Data in the boot directory of the game

Blitzkrieg 2.5

new version 1.055 of the add-modification Blitzkrieg 2.5! it consists of a file with changed TTX new skins units, tiles (autumn and summer) and sound design - Blitzkrieg2.5.pak file and file with the missions and campaigns for the USSR, Germany and the Anglo-American allies (available from the "additional mission "and" additional campaigns ") of the add-ons" Great Battle: Kursk "studio N-Games," Great Battle: Stalingrad "," Blitzkrieg 2. Retribution "," Blitzkrieg 2 Liberation "and mod Selection_DeLuxis, cursor_mod comrade De Luxis
(most of texture units as well as some ideas borrowed from the modification of the "Project Blitzkrieg", as well as many units borrowed from the add-ons to the game Blitzkrieg 2 and modification mod 905. great contribution to the project has made a comrade Abrakodabr patch burning padded armor and mirrored surface of rivers and lakes. effects of landmines are taken from mod MOD515. in addition, many textures, models and maps are created by skilled craftsmen enthusiasts for various mods and collected in mod "with the world on a string"

Attention Please!
A new version of the mod is placed on a clean Blitzkrieg 2 patched to version 1.5. Patches can be downloaded on the page mod: all the assembly of the game Blitzkrieg 2 on a torrent is already patched to version 1.5)

Attention Please!
Start the game by running Win7 and Win8. there are two problems:The first problem is that the version of "Starforce" Blitzkrieg 2 does not run under Win 7 and Win 8. output - download "no dvd" for Blitzkrieg 2. another factor in favor of assemblies games torrent.The second problem of compatibility. To do this in the file properties game.exe set compatibility with Win XP SP3 install and run by an administrator. game starts normally

Attention Please! Attention Please! Attention Please!

after installing the mod enter the game menu "Profiles" and choose where player profile "water". then need to re-expose your sound and graphics settings in the game. and to correct the sound design of the game you must play in the sound settings to disable 3D sound.

DOWNLOAD BLITZKRIEG 2.5 version 1.055


Hi sir
the link is dead 404 not found

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StroibatII Author

Now is preparing a new version of the modification. Will be ready by June 10, 2017

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