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After hearing the feedbacks of the players, I've been doing some changes to the demo in order to improve it.

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The demo has got a little success, especially since the web version. Thanks to all the people who tried it and gave me some feedbacks, especially on Newgrounds were the game had a really good start!

After listing all the pertinent comments on the game, I've been doing all the small changes that I could do pretty quickly on the demo. I hope you will like it, because I probably won't touch to the game for 2-3 weeks. Indeed, being a student implies school project ... and I've to finish this school project for the beginning of February (yes, it's a game too!).

Here's the changes I've made on the demo:

  • The stamnia cost of the attack and objects has been balanced
  • Jumping no longer cost stamina
  • Enemies now have a knock back went they are hit
  • Green enemies now move between 2 attacks
  • Red enemies has a little less health
  • There is a new background music
  • There are a lot of new sounds
  • Shadows now stay under the character and enemies for a better plateforming experience
  • The mapping of the inputs has been changed for the web version

Download it here:

Cloud Of Souls [Demo v0.2]

Play directly on your browser here:

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