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New code, weapons, environmental objects X marks new items

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Things that are currently implemented
-> Pistol
-> Energy Drink = Bullet time for 7 seconds
-> Health Pack
-> Ammo Crate
-> Randomly Generated map
-> Basic Enemy mesh
X-> New Animations
X->Crawler Mutant
-> Enemy AI that will find the player if they come in a certain Radius of the enemy and follow the player and attack them for 10 damage scaling with each new level along side their own health increase
-> Point System, To achieve the next round player must reach 1000 points, every kill counts as 50 points
-> Basic Main Menu to change Actor fade - LOD - toggle music on or off and start a game
X-> New Environmental Objects

Many more objects are sitting in engine as we speak... It takes a while when you only have 1 programmer.

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