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New demo of Hypt is online. Please give me your feedback in the comment section.

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A new playable demo of Hypt version 0.3.30 Alpha is up for playtesting. Check the Downloads section or click on the link below to the web build.

This version fixes the miscoloring of the player on two levels, and a fix to the collision bypass glitch has been implemented, making collisions between the player shield and enemy projectiles tighter and more responsive. The collider for the shield has also been realigned slightly to polish the direction in which projectiles deflect.

In other news, I am talking to someone (whose name I will not disclose without their permission) about composing an OST for Hypt. From all the samples I have received, this soundtrack is going to be great, and I am really looking forward to working with them. I may also post a demo in a soon date that features at least two of these songs.

Questions? Comments? Critique


edit: New build fixing a major glitch uploaded.

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