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Deathkings of the Dark Citadel - picks designer's interest for expanding Legend-8.33-based Hexen mod universe, - and the gears start grinding! While other projects await...

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Friends, fans, travelers through the classic gameworld and other warriors of Hexen, - it is time to bring all of you up to speed with everything that is happening with the HexenMageTower mods. It's been a while since i posted this type of update, even though i've been supplying other material, like screens and videos, - but now, there finally is enough to say for a full-fledged news post.

And so without any further ado, first things first:

There seems to be a new Hexen mod idea that i have been talked into, aided by my disappointment in the recently appearing so-called "classic" FPS games. Thus, as the old saying goes - if you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself. And so, one of my friends hinted at an idea that i've been toying with a long while ago: an upgrade for Deathkings of the Dark Citadel. Legend 8.33 style.

Deathkings return

Generally, even though i've praised Deathkings for certain level design features - and even recreated a good number of its sections in Legend 8.33 - but as a game, i always ended up dismissing Deathkings, and always for the same two reasons: one, its annoying trait of respawning entire armies of the already slain creatures; and two - awful lackluster styling and even worse mess of the all-around detail / decor design.

But, as my friend told me, - Legend's gameplay mechanics are way different than Hexen, and dealing with the "respawned armies" might turn into a fun challenge, - if played by Legend rules. And as for detail / decor and overall design - what could go wrong, - if i take the mantle and stand at the stylistic helm of it...So, It definitely picked my attention and curiosity, and thus an idea for a new Hexen (or rather Legend 8.33) mod was born: Deathkings: The Return. So right now i am intensely working on a 6-map demo, which i WILL complete in the nearest 2-3 months. As for the mod itself, and the ultimate verdict as whether to complete the remaining 14 Deathkings maps - will be reached after i thouroughly and extensively test the demo gameplay for it's fun-factor by myself. If i like the results - then we'll have a further expansion of the Hexen / Legend universe - with new challenges, levels, custom story and artworks, - and a few surprises along the way. Also, a good chance that it won't even require
Deathkings WAD itself, but function just as an add-on for Legend 8.33. I am sharing some screenshots from the development progress. The mod has not been announced yet, - but it will be, very soon.

demo1 machine room1

demo1 forest portal

demo1 cliffs passage

demo1 swamp passage

demo1 stairway1

demo1 sewer1

And, as for the status updates regarding other projects:

- Marine Mod 2.1 - was ready to be released, but needed further test runs due to a strange script glitch in the Dungeons level. Testing is under way, though it is being addressed slower, - in favor of sharing time with the development of other mods / projects.

- Legend 8.33 - i am completing a series of full walkthrough videos for several selected levels, - to further showcase the mod and to provide gameplay insights. Currently 2 levels are remaining, after which - i will be posting all the videos here, on Moddb, with a corresponding article.

- Wrath of Magic: Farewell Edition - progress paused 2 levels short of entering the testing stage. Once i get rid of the Marine Mod 2.1 tests and Legend 8.33 walkthrough videos - we'll be back on track.
Deathkings: The Return mod - will not affect progress speed.

port upgrade1

port upgrade4 all aboard2

- Mercenary: Dark Power - might get an update for harder balance and various small aesthetic fixes in the levels. But that is for much later.

- And as for things "much later" - those who keep up with the HMT website, know that i have finally started to upload Hexen-2 expert guide pages; so these will also be added and updated, step by step.

Stay tuned, more is coming... and it looks like my retirement is not quite yet there :-)

Although, the projects that have reached their final stage, - like Legend 8.33 and the Cleric mod, - have definitely crossed the finish line for good.

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