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Hello to all who do not know me, I am Drian the creator of Sins of Pirates...

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First off

Hello to all who do not know me, I am Drian the creator of Sins of Pirates. Now due to events out of Kcirtap42593's control he is no longer going to be developing the mod Sins of the Past and he is handing the mod over to me.


Over the last couple of days I have been working hard on getting the files completed, thankfully I started before my laptop died, for all those that are wondering the Intarians are 100% besides a full research tree and a little balancing, there are really no pics to show you at this time as I am learning to put models in game. I will most likely be incorporating some aspects of both mods into each other.

Finally a goodbye message from Kcirtap42593

" I have enjoyed modding greatly but unfortunately I have no longer any time to work on it, that and my computer with all the mod on it got its harddrive damaged and with all the work destroyed there is no longer a reason to go on. I apologize to all that have been waiting and I know that Drian will easily make this mod better and have a release out soon. Goodbye all."

Thank you, for tuning into this broadcast please return to your regularly scheduled mod playing, Thank you and have a good day.


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