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new weapons added to the pack since the last download, and a short list of the important fixes and known problems.

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hey, added the all of the snipers planned.
this includes
The M-Sniper, a armour piercing anti tank rifle that uses a burst of bullets, the first to remove protection, and the following 2 too shred the opponent

The Substance-D-Sniper, the long range version of the revolver, with larger rounds and messier hits.

(there is no-Z sniper planned)
since the last upload several things have been fixed.
-the substance-D range now has added awesomeness
-many offsets and things of that like fixed.
-many nameless tweaks to weapons
Known problems to be fixed.
-the Substance-D sniper needs to be threshed out. with the magazine mounted on the stock instead of its current position (which makes no sense to me at all)
-the Actors need a new material for their flesh, and other actor tweaks
-the magazine on the Muter.

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