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Just read the freakin' content instead of me having to summarize it...

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Seems as if Carlulz (LtCol.Alu@ard) was nice enough to make our unoffical steamgroup, Combine Overwatch, a group in Mod DB.
As the summary for the group already states, we are a group for Modular Combat. I, SgtSabo (Aka. Sgt. Sabo. Aka. Sgt. Tank) at first was very interested in Modular Combat. I loved being on my combine character. So I thought of making a group called Overwatch. I eventually got around to asking Alu@ard who had been playing a bunch with Sgt. Tank at the time if he would be interested in joining the group if I were to create it. So that happened. Made a group and all. So far we do not have a huge group. Though the group is invite only (To keep trappers,summoners,rebels, ect. away).
I also thought when I made the group that we should have ranks. So we have ranks that you can climb up. We got them in lowest to highest here: Pvt. Pfc. Cpl. Sgt. Lt. LtCol. Gen. (The last two, LtCol. and General however are unachievable. Unless me or Alu@ard decide to leave the group and promote somebody to the position. Of course if I happen to leave. LtCol. Alucard will take my position as General.) Private is the only rank you can have under level 10.

Well I will post more later but for now. This is just a basic overview of the group.

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