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A demo of the new grav-lift system I created for Imp-Circle Pit. These simple lifts propel a player up into the air allowing them to move quickly throughout the map.

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Here is a demo of the new gravity lifts from the server side.
And here is a demo of the gravity lifts from the client side.

Server to client syncing in the BLAM! engine is a complex task so the fact that the lifts work at all on the client side is a fucking miracle. They do have some kinks (lag mainly) but they work pretty well. The effect is created by continuous damage_effects that are created to fling the player straight up into the lift chute and into the map. A simple sound file is added to the damage for the impulse sound a invisible marker with a sound_looping tag plays the looping plasma noise.

The plasma pit that makes up the gravity lift is just a stacked shader to make it look 3d.

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