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Today we cover the systems of gameplay such as the failure state. We also go over the new leveling, progression, and some changes to the lighting.

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Good news, I've been really, really busy working on some stuff for the next update of Buddhism: The Videogame.

First off, colored lighting. It's essentially the same system as before but we do intend to work on lighting masks very soon, maybe within the next update or so. For now, I decided to make the lighting look a bit more realstic.

What is this? Gameplay? Now that's a start. Let me explain what you're seeing here. Yes, an EXP system has been added, it's modular and gives you a few different options. The white bar is the failure state, if it goes down before you press space again the game restarts, fairly simple. The yellow bar is your experience bar. Fairly simple to understand. It grows bigger and bigger as you level up leading into our next new feature.

Behold, the worlds crappiest looking shop system. Yeah, I know, it looks aesthetically terrible but I hope to improve that at some point. If you want to help, PM me. Either way, what we have here us a system showing us an upgrade. The first upgrades the EXP per press, the second upgrades the chance to earn bonus EXP, and the third allows us to change the ammount of bonus EXP you earn. All very cool and modular and I plan to add even more as time goes on.

New area, hope you like it.

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