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Iron Cube added to the list of games on Glow engine.

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Iron Cube game

Screenshot from Iron Cube

Iron Cube - multiplayer tank combat, added to the list of games on Glow engine. Alpha version 0.15 can be downloaded here. Many features of Glow engine was temporary switched off - motion blur, SSAO, HDR, true reflections and refractions, but will be enabled some time later.

Originally game was started as technology demonstration for the Glow engine, but captured my interest. I begun it for The Windows 8* & Ultrabook™ App Innovation Contest (and received shinny new ultrabook from Intel after passing to Round 2 ). It was interested for me, how much graphics quality can be achieved using voxels for rendering. Partially it was inspired by this prerendered video parody.

Features of voxel engine.

  • Infinitive voxel field (for the Iron Cube it currently restricted to 512x512x64)
  • Local ambient lighting, prerendered to texture.
  • Sharing voxel field via network. (RLE compression + huffman + per cluster (32x32x32) update.
  • Water flows - huge waterfalls are possible - I tested flooding of whole level.
  • Large explosions
  • Foliage and grass.
  • True physics (using Bullet physics).
  • Vehicle physics on voxel field.
  • Completely random (2D Perlin Noize + 3D Perlin Noize) and heightmap (+tree map + grass map + water map) based landscape generation
  • Rasterization of polygonal objects into voxels
  • Generating optimized polygonal mesh from voxel field.

More about features:

Water flow

Huge explosions (here is just huge volume extraction)

Some water effects with flying fishes

Random, Perlin Noise based voxel field

Rasterization of polygonal objects to voxel field:

Optimization of mesh generation:

Current plan is to add more nature elements to game, like birds, grass, wild life.

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