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Hey there this is Blitz Ahmad um... I mean Amberstone and this is my game Coder Blitz. It may seem like a common endless runner but it is quite different from what you would expect!

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Hello guys, I'm a new developer here and I have almost completed my project called Coder Blitz. As I have mentioned the game got through tons of development hikes and finally now it is near perfect. As for me, I have bigger projects planned, this is just a start so I could experience mobile development, though it will not be my primary platform as I am also looking forward for steam.

Coder Blitz is a fun endless runner, though you might think of it as another endless runner coming here to bother us, but it is different than the others. Firstly its primary focus is not only avoiding obstacles, multitasking plays a big role as well, such as closing error messages before you crash with them.

The theme is also something very different for a runner game, it features story of a clumsy and a low class game developer who carelessly spoils his game by adding such code that when the player collides with an object the hard drive of the PC is wiped out. He could have backed up using cloud, but his mysterious game development engine won't let him, that is what you get for freemium stuff! The theme of the game shows a game developers workplace, the 'shop' is replaced by 'concepts' and 'coins' replaced by 'allocated bits' bought for the game engine.

Well then, return be soon.

Mohammad Bli... Ahmad.

BTW the screenshot in the post is a sneak to a major upcoming update!

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