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After finding some more time to get some work done on Farmageddon, I've added the sheep farm animal game asset as well as some effects to make the environment more immersive.

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Lately I've been dabbling with Farmageddon more than getting anything major accomplished. Most noticeably, I've been adding some environment effects and details in the hopes of making the game a bit more immersive. A yellow-tinted fog has been added to the entire play area, casting a dull glow on the farm. I've added a particle system that simulates rain, as well as a light that simulates lightening every few seconds. Aside from the environment work, I also finished work on the third farm animal: the sheep. This model is basically the pig game model with a smaller nose, and certain areas of it's body extruded to simulate the wool.

The newly finished sheep model

The final farm animal, the chicken, is slated to be done in the next week. I'm still debating on whether it should be a chicken or some other animal, since the chicken would be the odd man out with only two legs and very different topology when compared to the other three.

After several hours of reworking my code for optimization, the game is running at very nice frame rates on Droid and Windows tablets, even with the added effects. Within the next two weeks I will be tying the login GUI in with the rest of the game, as well as adding UI elements to better show the score at game end, as well as what previous high scores were, a play again button, etc. After that I'll be adding the global leaderboards, and will probably do some test work with other gametypes (ie. classic vs. arcade, etc.) as well.
For now, the following video shows the game as it exists while writing this (minus the lightening). I plan to get right back to work on it when finished this news post, and hope to have more to show in the coming days. Until then, here's the latest gameplay video for Farmageddon:

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