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The newest file contains fixed textures and light maps for the academy ship which appears in several levels, for example yavin. The greenisch coloring at some parts is now gone and the whole ship has high resolution textures.

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At some point when doing my texture pack I noticed strange greenish coloring on parts of the academy ship, so I started searching for the cause. At first finding the textures' folder did take a while because I had no idea where it was hidden. Then it turned out that only changing the texture didn't help, the green parts were still there. After looking around for possible other folders containing textures for that model I had an idea. I took a look at the light maps which made the blue lights on the ship glow. I didn't notice anything ( they were black with only the lights on them, when used in-game the black is turned transparent and the texture beneath shows trough) and decided to just take the pen tool in my pic editing program and draw a black line line over the map. BAM. When starting the game up, the greenish parts had transparent lines through them were the texture showed trough unaltered. I then "reblackened" all the black parts of the light maps and the green parts were gone.
Also I made higher resolution texture for the ship, have a look at the new screenshots!

If somebody else notices other (similar?) graphical errors concerning textures throughout the game, let me know! I'll try to fix these!

Have Fun!
More updates to come!

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