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Thanks to all the people who have posted comments. I really appreciate the feedback. There have been some great points of interest. Check it out. Here are some examples:

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This mod will work without reinstalling the game, but as with
any game that is not made to support mods, it will work best with a
fresh install. Thanks to Zenith for pointing that out. Just remember to keep your
saved games and settings that are in your My Documents\My Games\Ubisoft
There has been comments about the rise of the P90 when fired. It seems to
actually drop. Rise and steadiness are changes that could be made in a
new version of the mod.

The AKS-74U is an interesting weapon. It can be used a an assault rifle or as a sub-machine
gun with a silencer. I chose the silenced version with the sub-sonic round. The damage and penetration of the AKS is comparable to sub-machine guns. I have not found a way to have the AKS-74U listed with the sub-machine guns however. If someone knows how to do this let me

The shotguns are very powerful!! I was surprised myself. They do have poor range, poor accuracy, and terrible penetration (unlike
what you see in the movies). So you'll have to use tactics to survive.

Should the movement speed be increased more?

Melee weapons not feasible, simplified AIs?, TEAM RESPAWN, reskins, and other mod ideas.

Check out the Comments section in the Summary Tab to see the details!!!
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