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Half-Life 2: Own Life News/Process Updates/Features

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Hello there,
this news was made to tell something about the new "Feature Preview" video.

But first of all some news about our website:

Well maybe some of you've seen that our website is down for maintance. The reason is explained in the feature "Master Database". We've got some great ideas and we're currently trying to implement them. Our website will be back online when we're done with this feature.

The new features:


The inventory is a complex system. You can carry unlimited items but only if the weight of them together isn't over 25 kilograms. You can see the description of the entities and other informations about them. There's also a little preview image to see how it looks like. It was a hard way to create the functions for it. Entites and Inventory Items are fully customizable so you can modify their weight, their description and all that stuff. The Menu itself doesn't look very nice at the moment, but I've got an idea how it just would look awesome.

Crafting System - Job Menu:

The Crafting System is also a very complex system. It interacts with the Job-Menu( You can view your description of your job here and the currently discovered blueprints. ) Server admins can easily create their own blueprints. Its so simple that everyone without any experience could create a blueprint. The Crafting System checks for the entities on your workbench and looks if they match any blueprint. Once every entity matches the blueprint you can craft it and the blueprint will be discovered.

The Plotsmind:

The most of you guys already seen the preview video of the Plotsmind system. I've recoded the complete system to save performance at all. The system is very good. You can load more than 50 entites at the same time. The entites gets loaded everytime a player enters his plot and then despawned if he leave his plot again. This makes the server happy.

Master Database:

The servers will connect with MySQL to a master database. It will keep the status of players updated and lists all current servers. There's a limit of 5 servers but you can ask us for more. We'll create an webadministration tool for the servers. Before you can start a server you'll need to login into your account on our webadministration tool. As example, the administration tool will have features like rcon control for each server that's listed in your account database. There will be a list with all servers and players, you'll be able to search through this lists and watch the status. There also will be a ban system so if you mess with the rules your account gets banned and your servers can't start anymore. Your IP will be banned too. So you should respect our rules. Your passwords will be encrypted to a MD5 hash for maximum safety.

Please tell us your opinion in a comment.

Edit: Well guys, I've ceased the development for now. The reason is: I don't have time for this anymore. I'm heading toward a new school. If I've got more time, I'll continue development but for now it's stopped.



Sounds good.

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