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I've been working on a couple of new cool features which give a nice spin on puzzles in the future, and I'll discuss a new feature which I've got planned.

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Hey everyone!

I've decided to work a little more on Colour Stacker today, and I've got a couple of awesome new additions which will spice up the puzzles a lot, and allow for opening some new possibilities.

nf black white counter

In the .gif image above you can see two new features. The first new feature is the "counter block" (the block with the number on it). Previously, in order to complete a level, you would have to remove the 'locked blocks', by moving all blocks with the same colour as that block into it. These blocks could take any number of blocks (even none!), which didn't restrict the player all that much.

The counter block now restricts you from moving your blocks anywhere. A counter block namely needs to be fed with enough blocks before it dissapears, which opens up a lot of new possibilities.

Secondly, we have the black and white block addition. These blocks are the most versatile new additions, as you can create many, many new kinds of interesting puzzles with them. In order to complete the levels, you must remove all blocks, and thus, you need to use the black and white blocks aswell, which allows for a little more brain-twisting.

I've also worked on some prettifying of the block generation:

drop animation

I didn't like how blocks just spawned and existed. So, I've now added a function where they drop down the second they spawn. It gives a nice comical effect, which adds a lot to the very minimalistic graphics style.

I still felt like it missed something, so I've added a nice "scale in" effect into the mix aswell:

drop animation improved

As you can see, this looks a lot better, and gives just that little touch to blocks spawning in. I've also fixed the texture on the locked blocks; The locks are now always upright.

I've got a couple more features planned, such as a random puzzle generator, but that'll be for later, because things like that are really, really hard to program (unless you don't want a challenging puzzle, that is).

I'll keep you guys updated and I'll catch y'all later!

Have a great day!

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