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I'm ready with a version of the game that can be played. Also implemented some new features.

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I spent the last week tweaking the mechanics and implementing some new features. Some of the new things:

Mouse movement! You can now move the character with the mouse instead of the keyboard. It's much smoother and makes playing the game a much better experience.

HighScores! I finally found the time to implement proper high scores, that work in Unity's web player.

New Scoring Mechanics! The score is no longer determined by the colors of the books in the stack, but by the quality of the stack - how straight it is.

bad stack good stack

Bug Fixes! You can't place books in the middle of the stack anymore, some issues with patterns were fixed and a whole bunch of other stuff...

Below you can find the demo, tell me what you think! There are still a bunch of stuff to fix and tweak (like the sounds and music), but I think I''m getting there.

Unity Web Player Build
WebGL & HTML5 build for Chrome Users

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