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Polish makes for perfect. This week I've added a few more updates and improved gameplay even further, if you haven't checked the game out- now is the time!

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About Kage

Kage no Odori puts you in the shoes of an orphan who had no choice but to become a ninja or face an even harsher world. Your memories aren't your own, as you try to remember your past you experience severe headaches that are nearly crippling in nature, thus you focus on the present and growing powerful in this world of ninja.


The game takes place on a small continent with several areas and 4 Key Ninja Villages- Flame Village, Crashing Wave Village, Stone Village and Air Village. You begin your journey as an apprentice completing one final test-journeying to your village. As you arrive, you find a new life awaiting you-full of combat, missions and exploration.



Currently Kage supports Role Playing Experiences, PVP experiences, with options for the Host to customize their experience as they see fit.

In-game, you assume the role of a ninja of your own design, everything from your stats,to your appearance, to the weapons you use, the skills you have and the clan you choose to join(or make) are yours to decide.

Gameplay largely revolves around subdoing your foes and completing task for your mission, there are however distractions in the form of collecting items, resources, item crafting, fishing and other mini-games as well.

For those wishing to exert more power over their "world" they can even become the leader of a village, or your own clan-complete with ninpo techniques of your own design.


As we all know, video game development doesn't come cheap. it's often a huge time investment upon the part of major teams-but for a single person even moreso. I am sole programmer for this rather large project so all that I ask, is that if you find this project interesting, share it with a friend or consider donating to my active goFundMe Page for Kage. Support Kage

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