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Zombies added. Just for pure fun and entertaing XD

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Vehicle explosion is now completely recodet. You can now only choose a broken hull cgf and thats all. I spawn now in code much single broken vehicle parts which does not look so stupid like the original ones and its also not more needed to create those buggy multipart cgf which cause physicall problems after some time.

Also a complete out of the box zombie system is finished.
Every AI can now turn into a zombie by a zombie attack. The AI will die first and after some time he ressurect with a similar model but with zombie blood tectures and a new animation and behavior system. That was tricky. Zombies can be temporary killed with all weapons but they will ressurect and a hurt zombie will autoheal. Total killing is only possible with fire or headshots. A biten player will blood all the time and cause big floating blood on ground, very funny XD a health pack will stop this. A well placed zombie can theoretically convert a whole map into a undeath zombieland. Its actually extreme funny amd gives now more interaction with fire system and chainsaw.
I currently try to insert a daytime systeme bevause zombies at day are ....dull.
Thanks to flameknight for the zombiemodels and the great idea. Needed a whole week to code this stuff for easy usage. Just place a zomby AI. Thats all.
We have now

Only police is missing.


Not particularly a fan of zombies, but hell, it does add more features. Can't complain :)

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pvcf Author

better than invisible monkeys XD or flying aliens.

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I love zombies!!!

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