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Introducing two new races for TFS: The Neo-Taiidani Imperial State and the Caylian Federation

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New TFS v2.6 Wiki Launched (12-13-09)

Neo-Taiidani Imperial State
(Concept design and models by Battlecry) The Neo-Imperial Taiidan State has emerged from the Vaygr Federation as a semi-autonomous faction after the conclusion of the great war. Among the priorities of this political entity are the reconstruction of the old Taiidan interstellar empire. While nominally still a faction of the greater Vaygr federation, the new Imperial state is moving to secure full autonomy and to dissolve the Vaygr into a loose confederation of spacefaring civilizations. Among its first acts was the establishment of a vast spacecraft and weapon design and production agency enabling the development and mass production of ships more advanced than standard Vaygr combat craft. The new Taiidan empire has taken advantage of various Vaygr technologies - such as pulse-laser cannons and advanced missiles - and further refined them to their specifications, resulting in advanced micro-missile technology and improvements over traditional Taiidani weapon systems like rapid-firing mass drivers.

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Caylian Federation
(Ship design and models by Flogger23m) The Caylian are a spacefaring civilization from the outer rim with technology comparable to standard Hiigaran and Vaygr ships. Caylian doctrine places an emphasis on high-powered plasma-based weaponry and agile frigates.

Artists Needed for Texturing Models
We are currently seeking individuals who can texture our ship models. Send me a PM if you are up to this task.

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