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Beta 025 is ready for download! It brings several gameplay changes plus a new side. Read complete changelog below. You can get it in the downloads section.

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  • increased Mammoth Tank damage from 120 to 190
  • decreased T30 damage from 360 to 300 and decreased rof from 130 to 110
  • increased Predator Tank damage from 200 to 280
  • increased Stealth Tank damage from 200 to 240
  • increased Recon Bike damage vs heavy armor to 130%
  • removed Ion Cannon uplink from Allies
  • added nuclear silo to Allies
  • increased Light Tank damage to 50 and rof to 50
  • added anti-infantry coaxyal machine gun to Allied Light Tank
  • added Airdrop support power to NOD Airfield - one buggy, light tank and two bikes are parachuted from a C17 cargo plane. Cooldown: 6 minutes
  • added new unit to Brotherhood of NOD: Repair Truck. Same function as the allied Mechanic. Uses RA1 Truck .SHP file with custom Cameo
  • removed M270 MLRS from allied tech tree. Relpaced with ARTY
  • decreased Submarine health
  • decreased flame turret damage vs heavy targets
  • GDI airfield costs 2500 credits and comes with an A10 Warthog


- Added new Faction: Allied Special Operations Group 9


  • Construction Yard: FACT (RA C-yard)
  • Power plants: NUKE, NUK2 (CnC nuclear power plants)
  • Rafineries: PROC, TRAF
  • War Factory: GFAC (CnC GDI War Factory)
  • Barracks: TENT (RA Allied Tent)
  • Tech Center: MISS (CnC / RA Technology Center)
  • Superpower: ION (Ion Cannon Uplink)
  • Base Defence: PBOX, GUN, ATWR (RA1 Pillbox + Turret and CnC Advanced Guard Tower)


  • Jeep: Ra1 Ranger
  • APC
  • Light Tank: Ra1 Light Tank
  • Heavy tank - M103 Heavy: Custom made .SHP file
  • T30 Siege Tank: Custom Made .SHP file

All RA1 Allied Infantry + GDI Commando

Other Changes:

  • Removed most cloned units and buildings. All sides now use the same hellipad, but can build different gunships
  • GDI uses a separate airfield actor witch costs 2500 credits and comes with an A10 Warthog. Same .SHP has the soviet airfield, different cameo.
  • Removed gun turret clones
  • Removed AMLRS clone
  • Removed NARTY clone
  • Removed unused NMCV
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