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Exilania Progress report, how mob generation will work, try it out!

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Exilania is coming along nicely. I am currently in the process of setting things up for NPCs (and mobs) to be added. As soon as that framework is in, I will begin spriting the NPCS/mobs.

Exilania will use procedural generation to make mob types from a library of pieces (legs, arms, claws, horns... etc.)
I will be doing some tinkering with this to make sure it is a workable solution.

Anyways, download the game right now (if you want to). It is more of just a straight sandbox game currently, but there is about 30 minutes of game-play in the game, involving crafting everything to be able to make a house that has solar power and lights that turn on at night. You can even go and harvest sand from the sea (careful not to fall in!) so you can make glass.

Post coming soon about crafting items in Exilania.

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