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v0.15 is available right now, if you liked a lot the v0.1 version or just for bug tracking you can download it if you want. Send your ideas, suggestions and thougths by email or right here and I'll keep improving it!

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As promised, Excessive: an approach to game design curriculum v0.15 has been released today. This version got the same content that the v0.1, but improved by all who want to send me his/her thougths.

Here you got the v0.15 bug tracking list:

v0.1 - v0.15

- First puzzle fixed:only two solutions now.

- Fixed some jamming errors.

- Spark hurt on the elevator zone deleted.

- "Fixed" the env_suit problem ;-)

- Softer lighting on the second room.

- Quicker and new script.

- Fixed small problems with the AI navigation mesh.

- Messages style changed.

- New presentation: faster and more dynamic.

- Lights added on the door with fire behind for better lighting, general ambientation and puzzle understanding.

- Boxes on the elevator zone can not be broken.

- Better balance on the lighitng: no too dark zones.

- Changed textures on the elevator structure.

- Trigger_push added on the fire zone to keep the player out.

- Fixed low framerate on the fire room.

To do on next versions:

- 3D skybox on the roof zone.

- Make a good presentation on the level. (ideas?)

- Anything you suggest.

On the next few days, Chapter 2: Underground will begin. Underground will be focused on the physics and its possibilities to improve the gameplay so I'm preparing some new things to play with. I'll develop it as long as I think is enough, because I got other things to do, but I want to publish the first screenshots during october and publish it on november.

If many people send some new ideas for Chapter 1, perhaps I'll improve it a bit more.

The iteration process will follow this way: The mod will have 5 small chapters, each focused on any development aspect. Each chapter will add 0.2 points to the version, just like this(not actual state):

Chapter 1: 75% - 0.15

Chapter 2: 50% - 0.1

Chapter 3: 50% - 0.1

If I were there, the mod would be on its v0.35.

Right now this is Excessive v0.15, and for now, I'm happy with it. Thank you all for collaborating!!!

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