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New mean looking soldiers with new animations for the bad guys. A prototype minigun and more!

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Hi everyone and sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been hard at work making new models for the characters, and updating them with new animations and an IK system.

New enemies

Take a look at some of these pictures:

New enemiesNew enemiesNew enemiesNew enemiesNew enemiesNew enemies

I tried to go for a mean, professional look, while keeping a balance between realistic and scifi. The goggles are tinted bright yellow so they're easier to see in the dark.

It started out mostly as an experiment in character modelling, rigging and texturing for unreal, but I'm pretty content with the results so far. I'm getting better and faster at this, so expect even better in the future! To speed up the process, I used some meshes from Adobe Fuse, then sculpted onto them and textured them. Most of the gear (tac vest, ammo pouches, kneepads, thigh/shoulder pads) was done entirely by me. I might replace the Fuse assets later if I find they look out of place.

Also, they use a very small number of animations. The hands always line up to the right place for their guns because of an IK system. Meaning the minigun guy, pistol guy, shotgun guy can all use the same animations. This will make it much easier to design new interesting weapons.

Minigun Prototype

Just a fun weapon I was prototyping. Definitely needs some polish and balance, but it's already fun to use.

Coming up next...

Unfortunately, Trepang2 didn't win any places or mentions in the Make It SuperHot contest. I feel like I made a worthy entry to the contest, but looking back it's definitely not the type of game they were looking for. While the funding would have been nice, on the bright side I have the freedom now to make the game I want.

I've also done some planning towards story, setting, environment and objectives. I've got a lot of work ahead to do so unfortunately it may be another month or so before the next update... It's going to be worth the wait, and I'm aiming for another demo this summer. I'm sure it will be interesting and it's the next step from taking Trepang2 out of prototype into full development.


Very nice! The more I see, the more F.E.A.R stuff pops up (Said as a compliment), keep up the good work!

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wilsonC Author

Thanks! :) I really like F.E.A.R. Look out for more interesting stuff in the future.

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