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The new Tyranid Codex got released on the weekend. If you want to know what we're up to, hop on over to our forum.

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The new Tyranid Codex for 5th Edition 40k got released over the weekend, and everything is madness and chaos. A lot of the new-for-Tyranids stuff from 4th Edition got ripped out entirely (the Carnifex, which got 20 biomorph options in 4th Edition, now only has 5 biomorph options, and Without Number is now an Imperial Guard thing, not a Tyranid thing!), and a slew of new units got added.

The whole playstyle of the army has gone from "swarm or nidzilla" to "specialty swarm", and we're trying to keep up with the changes. Although most of the 5th Edition stuff won't feature in 0.5 (which finally seems to be moving along), it looks like it'll streamline 0.6 a lot - it's the little things, like all the ranged gaunts being rolled into the catch-all Termagant which will make the game a lot faster to play.

So hopefully we're looking at units that are customised faster without all the button-clutter in the buildings. Which is good because button-clutter is what prevents us from adding new units (if we don't have button space, where do we put them?!), and the new edition has seven never-seen-before monsters in it - and that's if we're not counting the Shrikes (winged warriors) and Sky-slashers (winged rippers)!

We've set up a 5th Edition suggestion thread so you can have your say. There's a lot of badass stuff in this new codex, and inevitably some of it is gonna get cut from the mod (we can't fit everything, sorry!), so we'd like to hear what people like about it and what they don't.

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