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I haven’t posted in a while but I have been quite busy with a whole bunch of new stuff for Pixelot!

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Ranger’s Trial - Pixelot will feature several trials that you need to complete to progress the story. These trials are very similar to gyms in Pokémon in which you battle a series of enemies culminating in a final battle with a more powerful enemy. Alike to how gyms in Pokémon are based on types, trials in Pixelot are based on the class of enemy. In the rangers trial you will climb a tower defeating several rangers before battling against Austin, the head ranger in Luma. After (a really cool boss cutscenes above) defeating Austin, he will warn you that the Silver Mine is very dangerous and will join your army.

South Wood Continued - once you have completed the ranger’s trial, you will be able to travel north (the guard blocking the path will be gone). In this new region you will find more powerful bandits, more chests and more wild monsters. These new monsters include mushrooms with powerful elemental attacks. If you travel to the west you will come upon a map that looks identical if you travel north west or south. Traveling back to the east will return you to the South Wood. This new region is a homage to the lost Wood in The Legend of Zelda. Hidden in this wooded region is a powerful weapon “the spirit blade” that is of epic quality and has very good stats.

The Silver Mine - once you have cleared out the bandits you’ll be able to move north to the first dungeon in the game. This game features quite a few Mine cart puzzles. To solve these puzzles you ride mine carts along tracks on the ground to reach new areas. You can then hit switches to adjust the tracks and open up new areas to explore. You’ll also need to collect keys to unlock doors in the dungeon. Some key events that take place in this dungeon include getting Capitan Garrett to join your party, defeating Xaan the leader of the white skull bandits, and defeating the final boss to get the earth shard.

Other Updates - I’ve done a lot of work with classes, including adding the Lancer (Garrett’s) class. I’ve also added 50 different items to the game, some found in chests, others from defeating enemies. I’ve added an element typing system for attacks and monsters. The element system can be split into two parts. First, holy attacks are strong against shadow enemies and vice versa, while holy and shadow attacks are weak against their own type. Next, fire attacks are strong against earth, which are strong against lightning, which trumps water attacks, which in turn are strong against fire. Going backwards in the cycle will result in a weaker attack (i.e. Fire is weak against water). Finally, having more party members will increase the number of monsters you fight making battles more complex but also more rewarding both in fun and in game xp and gold!

I would love to hear what you guys think of the latest development!

I am still finishing up the dungeon, but will most likely release an alpha / demo of the game afterwards!

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