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The 1.0 version of the mod is now available. It features some balance changes and the Veteran health upgrades described as below in the last news.

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Balance changes:
-Howling Banshee damages slightly increased.
-Dark Reaper damage slightly decreased.
-Zoanthropes are now cheaper per model and come in squads of 3.
-Veteran health bonus added to some units as detailed in the previous blog.

I'm cosindering the following changes:

-Lowering the damage of rapid fire anti infantry heavy weapons like Heavy bolters, shuriken cannons, Barbed Stranglers.
-Lowering the rate of fire of anti tank and AOE heavy weapons like Plasma cannons or lascannons.
-Lowering the damage of high-power AOE artillery like Whirlwinds, Skyrays and Manticores.

No changes are planned for special weapons like melta guns, rifle weapons like bolters, or melee weapons like power swords yet.

I know some of these values needed changing before the Veteran health upgrade, but I would like to know the opinions about these weapons after the health increase upgraded.

Do they still need a nerf? Maybe, but maybe a smaller one than before.

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