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A Doom 3 Music video contest, with prizes for the winners.

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This contest is something a little different from the previous two. We had a boss monster contest, then we had a weapon contest.

Of course the next logical choice is a MUSIC VIDEO!

Yes, it sounds a little along the line of "wow, that's a toughie" but hey, there's prizes for 1st place involved. But before you think "but I can't make a music video in Doom 3", check out the rules:

1) All music must be used legally. IE you need proof of permission OR needs to be public domain (I don't believe any audio recordings are public domain at this point)/creative commons (check the license. some don't allow you to make derivative works, which this IS considered. Also called "syncing". You can get separate permission from the author)/make your own. This means you can also make a parody of an existing song.

2) All video must be from Doom 3. No stock footage, special FX clips, etc. from outside sources. Unless it's used in the game Doom 3. (So, technically, you can get some stock footage, make it as a movie texture in the game & project it in the game & use it that way)

3) Can be edited in any program you want. You can make a Doom 3 map/mod that plays the music & people play the map, you can render the frames out & edit in an editor and then hand out a Windows Media/Quicktime file, you can make a cinematic that people watch.

4) Can do anything with the Doom 3 engine. You can change code, you can make new assets, whatever you need to do. The sky's the limit.

5) When you submit your entry you'll need everything that's required to view the entry (video files, assets, map files, etc), a readme.txt explaining how to view it (play the video, install & run the map, etc) & your source of music & the proof you can use it (a link to the site you got it, a copy of the license from the stock music library, saying that you created it, etc).

6) Contest is open to ANYONE. You don't need to be a member of to participate. Feel free to post this anywhere & everywhere!

Here's the prizes for 1st (sorry, only the top dog gets something):
*A SIGNED copy of "Dark Salvation" by Mangeled Eye Studios.
*A REAL LIFESIZE Doom 3 Chainsaw created by Paril, the one behind all the Quake 2 paper models here & here
*A copy of Natural Selection 2:SE

Now you may be thinking "I really could use some direction here...":
*All of Jonathan Coulton's music (except covers) are compatible with the contest.
*Blender has a built in video editor (Video Sequence Editor). Sony gives a 30 day unlimited trial of Vegas. Either of these could be used for editing or converting an image sequence to video. Virtual Dub is free also.

This contest will have slightly different judging criteria. Instead of a vote by members of the forum, a panel of judges will decide on the winners. Judges to be announced.

The contest will end on May 31st @ 23:59 EST. That gives everybody ~3 months. Anything after the deadline will happily be shown & viewed but won't be considered for judging.

Doom 3 Music Video Contest


I always liked a very old video that you can easily find on youtube, It is called "Doom 3 - Lost To Apathy"

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alas i already know whos gonna win this, it will be Sonicclang with his heavy metal doom music from the Classic Mod...

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its over? and sonicclang won, right?

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