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Hello fans and developers, today we will be showcasing our new German Imperial Heer mission as part of their campaign.

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As of now, we are still working on the idea of the campaigns taking you through individual soldier's experiences (however these are not historical), and for the "Deutsches Kaiserreich" you play as Gebhard Hellmann. You start off mainly in the early missions as a NCO who commands a squad or sub unit of a company, these missions will take you from 1914 to 1918 and by 1918 you will be commanding full armies with a full array of weaponry. As you play through these men's experiences you will have to keep them alive during the whole of the missions, however since they will be given their own breed you will be able to see them more easily as when hovered over they will appear with their name tag. e.g. how a squad leader appears with "Squadleader" when you hover over them.


One of this week's new missions is the mission called "First Shot's" as it is the first mission in the German campaign and involves you play as Gebhard Hellman a Feldwebel by this point commanding a sub unit of a company. You mission objective is to advance and capture the area to continue your advance into the town which you play in the next mission. The mission is not that difficult, as the French only have 3 MGs and the majority of their defences at the river have been destroyed. However there is a point where the French will send a counter attack at you.


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