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My game, Quad Knight, has been under development for over 7 months now. Now it's time to release it and all its glory to the WORLD!

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Here's a youtube link to the video, and if you want an earlier version of the Demo (Since it's still going to be a while until it's up on here):

Or you can wait.

There are several new things I added and improved on when receiving feedback from folks. Anyways Quad Knight is an action-packed platformer about a small and nonthreatening horse named Domino who wants to be a Knight, but can't. One day he not only gets his dream to come true, but get into more than he can chew when he meets the Lunar Moth, Crescent. She comes from the Moon, which has been conquered by an evil entity known as Omega. But before her owner was imprisoned, she sent Crescent to Earth with a Helm that could control the stars.

Unfortunately, the Helm fell into the possession of Domino, and he is forced to save the Moon AND the Earth from eternal darkness!

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