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It's been a while since the last time we updated you on our RTS game "After the Fall"! New concept designs for both ECF and Manticores factions!

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Welcome to another update for our real time strategy game “After the Fall”.

Today we will show you a few more designs of the buildings we are creating for both factions.

The first new design we will show you is the ECF Radar.

New Concepts

What this building is doing is to keep track of all the combat operations and show all friendly and enemy units through the minimap of the UI.

The next building design is the Research & Development building.

New Concepts

With this building the player will gain the ability to not only create more advanced buildings that will give him access to stronger weapons but also will gain some special abilities that will be able to use on the battlefield.

For the Manticores today we will show you a couple of designs concerning their defensive capabilities.

The first one is the Plasma Wall.

New Concepts

The Plasma Wall is the last line of defence for the Manticores. It’s completely modular meaning that each column can be placed anywhere creating a defensive line the way the player will want. No projectile or missile based weapons can penetrate the wall and the only weak point of it is the actual columns that must be protected.

The last design for today is the Plasma Guardian.

New Concepts

The Plasma Guardian is a defensive Manticores tower. It’s massive structure and firepower makes it being feared even among the elite ECF units. The Plasma Guardian has 2 types of weapons. Its upper body can rotate in a 360 degrees angle and can shoot massive energy based projectiles capable of destroying even the thickest of armor. In its lower part it has 3 acid based launchers that can incinerate any kind of light infantry that comes in close range. In total it’s a structure that needs a lot of effort to be dealt with.

We hope you enjoyed our today’s update. As always you are welcome in our forums to discuss all the great developments about our games. Next time we will show you some new designs from the combat units of the ECF and Manticores.

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