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Darkout new competition is out! this one is about creating a collective fan-made gameplay trailer! we encourage you to submit your 1-minute gameplay videos under 10 very different categories: -Hunting/Combat award. -Crafting and researching award. -Base building award. -Wiring award. -Spelunker award. -Originality/Creative award. -Funny award. -Overwhelming moment award. -Artistic award. -Master-at-Arms award. Take a look:

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Hey folks! as you may have seen, now we have a much more stable and improved game version. So we think it’s time to resume our competitions! and you know what? during the past two months I’ve seen many Youtube gameplays, each one of them with its own style.
The feeling I had after watching tons (perhaps too many xD) of them is that there would be awesome to create a gameplay video among all of us, to show to the press and the world. It would be an amazing collective creation, and all of you will be credited!
The video will show everyone out there how cool the game is, the diversity of mechanics we have and how immersive and full of nuances are the worlds you live in and develop each day. And by the way, once for all, we want to tell the world that Darkout is not a Terraria clone ! That being said, with this post we just inaugurated the first edition of the....

Darkout One-Minute Video Awards! road to our 1st Fan-made Gameplay Trailer!

It works the following way. You will have 10 categories (listed below) and you can submit amaximum of 3 gameplay videos of no-more than one minute per category (you don't have to capture real-time footage, it may consist of several fragments showing a process). The authors of the most voted videos will get a free Darkout copy for a friend (and yes, theoretically you can get upto 10 free Darkout copies). And how we will calculate your punctuation of each video? here is the formula we will use:

Final Score = Forum post likes + Youtube (likes + views) + Facebook (likes and shares).
Requirements for the videos submitted:

  1. Video quality: Minimum resolution: 480p / We recommend you to use FRAPS and a here you have a list of free video editing tools.
  2. Music and presentation: The background music of the video can be set at your will, also if you can add any kind of presentation, it will be good for you to raise likes/views so, be creative!
  3. Title: You should mention the name of the award your video is opting to and if its your first, second or third try in that category (remember, not more than 3 videos per category).
  4. Description: Here you can add what you want, we will only ask you to add a link to our Steam Greenlight page, so you will be supporting us to get out of Steam Greenlight, if we manage to get there we are sure we will be able to develop the future features faster! (being multiplayer one of the greatest!)

And finally we have the categories, each one has its own subforum, and we ask you to post your videos for each category in the same thread under each subforum, in that way it will be easier for me and the rest of forum members to access and vote them. Here you have the list and a link to each sub-forum:

  • Hunting/Combat award (defeat Darkout enemies, maybe one, or a whole army... combat Strategies, surviving in the last minute dodging enemies/boss).
  • Base building award (establish and improve your base, whether it is a humble and small hut, or a magnificient spaceship. Base re-structuring and good building practices)
  • Wiring award (Show how wire properly. Explain the best/most practical wiring techniques, and creative wiring!)
  • Spelunker award (...can you show the world how to mine like a boss in one minute?...the really impressive cavern you just digged?...what about your mining techniques and tricks?)
  • Originality/Creative award (This category is left to the unpredictability, to the people who want to tell a story, create a videoclip, or a parody about something, using some kind of Darkout gameplay, let your imagination fly)
  • Funny award (plain simple, something that will make us laugh hard)
  • Overwhelming moment award (Darkout is a game that has tons of these moments that leave you breathless, contemplating its wonder and eerie, the landscapes, the music, the crystal blaze or the amazing backgrounds illuminated at that exact time of the day/night, that moment of calm after a rally fierce fight...)
  • Artistic award (Consider Darkout is your canvas, and it's up to YOU to be the artist!! Show us your insane landscaping skills, your base/town building prowess, challenges of forced perspective, or go for the gusto and rebuild the whole map! Most creative use of the game assets will be rewarded!)
  • Master-at-Arms award (Darkout is full of armors and weapons, each one has its particularities, stenghts and weaknesses, but not everyone knows about it, so why don't we showcase and explain us how to use them wisely? your findings... the best weapon/armor combinations and tricks on how to use them? I guess it would be great!)

Some of the categories are more instructional than others, so we expect that various of the videos submitted will help a lot unexperienced players to learn how to master and improve in the game. Also, once the competition will be finished, we will add the best and more educational videos to the corresponding section of the wiki as a reference for the future.

The competition will last for a whole month, starting just today and finishing on May. 10th at 00:00h G.M.T.

We look forward to see your videos!

Jesús Fabre. Community Manager and PR at Darkout.

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