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We want to Exploit: Zero Day to be a healthy community interested in connecting with other players and welcoming folks from the outside in. To that end, we've released a couple new features. Come play a system and sign up for the newsletter!

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One of our goals for Exploit: Zero Day has always been to foster a welcoming, collaborative, amicably competitive community. To that end, we've released a couple of new features:

Some systems and clusters can be shared on social networks

If a system or cluster in the game was already to available to all registered users, now they can share those with folks in the outside world. Those folks can play the system or cluster without having to register, although we won't save their solution until they do. This is helping us open our arms a little wider.

Want to play a system without having to register? Give "TTL - Tricky Test Level" a whirl. To play some of a cluster, have a look at "Cyber Liberation Actuarial Site Zeta".

Players will see which of their friends have solved a system

We used to have a section that showed the 10 fastest solution times among all users in the game. We knew we wanted to revisit this to see if it served a purpose, but it was also partly a debugging tool. It's led to some awesome stuff, including one player writing some JavaScript to optimize their puzzle solutions, but we don't think it's a useful area for most players, especially as we gain more. Most people won't be in the top 10 and many people won't be able to or interested in it.

So we've switched that area to show which of your friends have played that system. (These are friends within Exploit: Zero Day, not friends from social media.) Folks who like to optimize their solutions can still do so -- and we encourage it for that small percentage! -- but the rest of folks will have a gentle nudge to make sure that other people in the game play systems that they like, too.

Want full access?

Players, join our monthly mailing list. When we send out August's before the end of the month, you'll get a key.

Press, request keys from distribute().

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