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*Updated 03/08/13* Originally a communications network for the military, the Battle-Net has turned into the Mandalorian version of the Holonet.

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The Mandalorian Battle-Net was created during the first Mandalorian Empire as a means of communication for the military, as the Mandalorian Empire grew so did the Battle-Net until it saw use among even civilians as a way to stay up-to-date on many events.

It is in essence the Mandalorian equivalent of the Holonet.

=Nym's Mistake=
Some time ago, a convoy of traders escorted by Mandalorian mercenaries was attacked by a group of powerful pirates. This group belongs to none other then Nym, one of the more mysterious and controversial pirate.

Although outnumbered, the Mandalorians managed to fight off Nym's pirates for far longer then anyone had done previously and nearly managed to defeat him several times. We know this not just from the reports of witnesses, but also recordings of the raid by the Mandalorians themselves.

The recordings from the helmet cameras is available across the Battle-Net, the Mandalorian military is extensively analyzing the techniques shown and advises all merchants to travel in very large groups with heavy escort to reduce the risk of being raided greatly and efficiently.

Could this spell the end of Nym's raids? Only time will tell.

=Treaty with the Verpine=
Some time ago the second-in-command of our new Mand'alor was sent to Roche to meet with the native Verpine, Corden Vencu was to discuss several new treaties and arrangements that allowed the Verpine more freedom whilst still allowing Mandalorians to use Roche as a stronghold.

The Verpine's independence in ways is similar to vassal states or protectorates with some differences according to Corden, the treaty bears similarity to the treaty given to the Onderonians which is now, truly official.

=New Mand'alor=
For several days, several warriors competed in the Gauntlet. An unknown fighter managed to top the rankings in a short time whilst old champions like Ori'verda had to step up their game. Eventually this newcomer, whom had the nickname Mysterious Stranger, and Ori'verda were locked in a fierce struggle.

The Mysterious Stranger abruptly cast aside his disguise as a mere gladiator and revealed himself to be a Sith. The Sith had Ori'verda on his back, but a a blaster shot to his face ended the duel in Ori'verda's favor.

He cried out to the arena folk to rally behind him as he assumed the title of Mand'alor.

=Onderon Liberation=
Some time ago the King of Onderon started to oppress his people, the disgruntled citizenry called out to the Mandalorians for help. Ori'verda, Corden Vencu and many others heeded the call and took part in the liberation of Iziz.

The battle was swift, much of the city's defences were disabled before the main Mandalorian forces truly entered the city. All warriors were ordered to stun or disarm the enemy, in order to minimize loss of life.

Of course the Onderonian military and Resistance did not care, they wanted each other dead.

With much perseverance the Mandalorians managed to end the fighting quickly, the King of Onderon had died while parading himself before his subjects. Soon the high command was found and dismantled and the remaining military was without a leader, they quickly surrendered.

In the aftermath the Onderonians declared their republic and alliance with the Mandalorians, despite us not having a Mand'alor the officially accept it, many normal warriors take the proposal to heart with enthusiasm.

=The Mandalorian Uprising=
For months it was planned, many Mandalorians sacrificed themselves so that we could gather enough resources and stockpile them for the Mandalorian Uprising. All went according to plan, up to the last minute.

First, we united under the banner of a new Mand'alor, Te Mav Mand'alor. Then the 72nd Screaming Eagles captured a large amount of disabled Basilisk war droids on Mandalore. The 174th Steel Talons raided an Imperial vehicle depot and took out many walkers. On Shogun, clan Tenau almost single-handedly removed Imperial presence without being noted.

Following the liberations of several other key systems, the New Galactic Empire send their response in form of a fleet. When it arrived, old Mandalorian Empire-era warships and other salvaged craft, the Mandalorian makeshift navy overwhelmed the unprepared Imperial Fleet and destroyed it utterly. Unfortunately Te Mav Mand'alor died in battle leading a charge against the enemy.

Across our formerly held territory, many worlds call out to us to liberate them. So we will, once we are strong again. The galaxy has not seen the last of the Mandalorians.

=Fall of Mandalore=
And as the Mandalorian Civil War ends, our old rivals return to kick us while we are down. The New Galactic Empire had no trouble to take our weakened systems and now even Mandalore itself has fallen and with it the Second Mandalorian Empire.

But we must resist them at every turn, even as they pillage our worlds, slaughter our young and destroy our homes, we must fight them at every turn. They may increase the number of soldiers on our worlds and the number of war machines and increase their count of warships, but we will never surrender.

=The Mandalorian Civil War=
With the passing of our beloved leader, Te Strategos Mand'alor, opportunistic idealists strike out. Vivec and his Shock Trooper Codex have influenced many of our brothers to turn against us, his army of Shock Troopers have invaded and captured Concard Dawn, taking the garrison by surprise and brutally killing them with sheer numbers.

Among the various other galactic battlegrounds, the worlds Shogun, Dxun, Dathomir and Kuar stand out.

On Shogun, loyalist forces engaged the entrenched rebels, the Tenau clan refused to aid both parties. The Shock Troopers had erected barricades and traps to slow down the loyalist army, along the way to their base. When the loyalists arrived and saw the fortress of the rebels, they attempted to contact nearby friendly Battlegroups and have it destroy the base from orbit. The problem was the fortress had anti-orbital weaponry and thus the loyalists marched into the base and were slaughtered, however the anti-orbital weapons were destroyed and thus the fortress was destroyed. The battle of Shogun ended in a stalemate.

The jungles of Dxun is where Cassus Vohn, son of our former Mand'alor, held out against an attack force of Shock Troopers. The attack was spearheaded by the 174th Legion, its armored units constantly skirmished with the loyalists around the perimeter and when the loyalists would press the attack, an artillery barrage would send them back quickly. Though the facility was large and they withstood the siege for weeks, the onslaught of the Shock Troopers proved too much and the facility fell into enemy hands, we do not know what happened to Cassus.

Dathomir is where the loyalists claimed their first victory over the rebels. With aid of the local Dathomiri Nightsisters and their Rancor beasts, the loyalists managed to storm a Shock Trooper base of operations and take it out of commission. During the course of the war, the Shock Troopers had used it to act as a fueling station and an command center for the system and thus this was a large victory over the rebels.

On Kuar we had one of our most costly victories, the 174th Legion was divided into half with both halves supporting one side in this war. Eventually however, the loyalist Mandalorians won at the cost of losing nearly all of the Legion.

And finally Mandalore, despite all the victories of the loyalists we lost our capital to the Shock Troopers.

After the initial streak of losses against the New Galactic Empire and a series of stalemates, the Second Mandalorian Empire begins to vacate worlds to defend others better and slow down the New Galactic Empire. Heroic Mandalorian warriors fight for our continued freedom.

However all is not well on the homefront, there are rumors of a idealist by the name of Vivec who has started work on a new Codex which he wants to impose on the Mandalorian people. We urge you not to listen to him or his lies.

=Total War=
We are at war with the Sith once more. If you thought them destroyed then your mistaken just like most of us were when we received word that our long time allies the Galactic Alliance were replaced by a New Galactic Empire.

-A Battlegroup lost.
-Hutt War.
-Total War.
-Nal Hutta.
-Mon Calamari.
-New Mandalore.
-Blockades and destruction of Tibanna.
-Colony lost and return of the Spartans.

A Battlegroup Lost) It all started with rumors of a group of Sith that were hiding in the Unknown Regions and building up for a galactic invasion, Mandalore declared that the Zeus Battlegroup was to be given to Lord Kairn and sent to combat the Sith under a Dark Lord known as "Cronus" We received static from the Battlegroup and apparently they had been defeated and it turned out that they were later on.

Hutt War) As time passed on we did not sit idly by and set out on our conquests once more, we turned our sights on the Hutt Cartel and its territory, we would be cutting off the Galactic Alliance from its key Sectors with intent on exchanging those for Csilla.

Cronus) Mandalore fought and easily crushed the Hutt forces above Sleheyron but above Nal Hutta the story was different and the Hutts held strong, at this point the Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance revealed himself to be Cronus and reformed Galactic Alliance into the New Galactic Empire.

Total War) No time was lost as Mandalore scrambled his forces and created his plan, all was supposed to go perfect and victory was assured were it not for the different opinions on how to wage the war and the ineptitude of the chain of command.

Csilla) Over the frozen worlds of the Chiss Republic, commander Jolee was sent to clear the world of enemy forces. His age probably got the better of him and he may have gone senile given his easy demise. And so the Dha Battlegroup was defeated.

Corellia) Despite the tactical brilliance of commander Jester the Detora Battlegroup was caught by surprise by the Sith we all think dead but always somehow manages to come back to be a torn in our side. Darth Kamikaze and his forces battled the Detora and defeated them but this was not the end for Jester who was taken by Aaron Karax, who know calls himself Veritum because he is part Kairn for some reason, and imprisoned somewhere... Oh but we just received word that he is trying to escape so all is well.

Bothawui) When the Kotir arrived over Bothawui it was quickly overpowered and surrounded and without waiting for authorization commander Exilium used Nuclear Weapons against the enemy to little effect. Even Mandalorian children know how to use Nuclear Weapons properly and that they infact should not be used like a weapon that would gain instant victory but rather a tactical edge that does its part to achieve victory, at any rate the battle ended up to be another glorious loss for the Mandalorian Empire.

Nal Hutta) Definitely the longest of all battles and its still going on, with many fleets joining in to win this world. There is much to gain and much to lose, if the New Galactic Empire get their evil, grey hands on this world then they can push on and liberate their three fleets above Mon Calamari, more on this later, the Hutt forces barely regrouped and were still reeling from the last attack and now the Mandalorians came in for the kill but then the Sith sent Darth Pain to secure the world. Communications were blocked so the two forces did not join to combat the Mandalorians and so two more fleets were sent to the fight, Adenn the new Mandalore arrived to assist the legendary commander Wout and his Vercopa Battlegroup and the Sith sent their Grand Fleet headed by Cronus, or so we are told.

Mon Calamari) Mandalore himself led this battle against his enemies using Adenn's small splinter fleet and entered a killing zone. Praxis was a great commander and had three fleets backing him and several planetary defences but this did not stop Mandalore from doing some great damage, during the battle he flanked the enemy fleet only to be flanked himself. Starting to suffer losses they both agreed to go their separate ways, though one has to wonder why Mandalore did not bring in the full force to combat the Sith.

New Mandalore) Damon Shan our trusted and great Mandalore decided to give command to Adenn, his most trusted warrior, and settle on some far away world until such a time came that he was needed again. In the mean time Adenn did not waste time and started to work on his grand scheme to defeat his enemies.

Blockades and Destruction of Tibanna) Several Battlegroups were sent to blockade key trade routes to the Core Worlds and from Mon Calamari, this effectively strands Praxis on Mon Calamari with many military equipment that are costly to maintain and no resources coming in soon, it will only be a matter of time before he must resort to cannibalizing existing systems so that he can maintain the ones he holds dear. On another note the destruction of the precious Tibanna was ordered by Adenn, the New Mandalore, for some reason. Tibanna is a source for many things in starships including fuel and before its destructions the Mandalorians extracted as much as possible.

Colony lost and the return of the Spartans) In the Saleucami Sector a Echani colony was being constructed on Sarka with secret backing by the Mandalorians. A rescue mission is being mounted to go into the enemies territory and save the colony and its people from whatever threat they face, the Spartans make their return and shall form the tip of the spear in this operation, they have been training in secret for years on hidden locations and now they make their return.

We will keep you updated as news comes in, take some time to carefully process all these events as they are quite heavy. Also feel free to drop by the nearest recruiting station to help the Mandalorian Empire and to gain access to the news faster and more directly.

=Resistance Crushed=
Straight to the action! With help from Exilium the Mandalorians caught the last remnant of New Galactic Republic forces onboard the Liberator, they were quick to surrender and all looked well until Jester arrived to the scene from hyperspace with his Detora Battlegroup.

The battle started and the Kotir Battlegroup under Exilium was getting under fire as they rushed to defend the shuttle carrying Alena and Tivere Bindo, the children of Jolee Bindo and other New Galactic Republic officials like Buron, Dralin, Dacren and Feray.

Moments later the Kad'ara Battlegroup arrived and took the Detora by surprise, the Detora was getting hammered by the Kotir and the Kad'ara Battlegroups but to add to its misfortune the Liberator was let loose on the enemy as Mandalorian Engineers commandeered the ship.

The cunning Jester then moved his two huge ships the Aurora and Infus, they ram the Mandalorian ships in front of them and move above the Conqueror, Mandalore's Shadow-class and open up the bottom hangar to deploy boarders and have their AT-TE's and AT-AT's fire all their weapons at the Conqueror.

Jester cut a hole in the ceiling of the bridge and entered, he was surrounded by the elite Champions of Mandalore and Aran Guards as were his soldiers, but Mandalore respected his enemy and decided to talk him out of his suicidal attack by any means necessary.

A pact was made and the Detora was let go, the New Galactic Republic Officials including Jester, who sacrificed his freedom for that of his people, will go to Mircir for a duration of time.

=Operation: Old Score=
Huge news update! While the Mandalorian Empire and New Galactic Republic met under a banner of peace on Coruscant discussing peace, Mandalore left so he could prepare for the coming storm.

In secret he had been using Mandalorian Battlecodes to communicate a proposal to the Galactic Alliance who had a deteriorated relation with the New Galactic Republic much like the Mandalorian Empire.

The proposal was accepted and Mandalore earned his name, The Strategist formed a grand strategy and stalled the meeting on Coruscant, keeping the officials there and also lured others to it and then, when the time came to strike they were arrested by the Galactic Alliance and detained by Darth Kairn and his elite warriors.

Within no time Mandalorian and Galactic Alliance marshalled their forces and moved onto Coruscant and New Galactic Republic worlds, the chancellor surrendered and many life's were spared that would otherwise be lost in a long war.

The Mandalorian Empire receives ownership over the entire territory formally held by the New Galactic Republic and takes former chancellor Jolee Bindo and Exilium to Mircir Prison, what shall happen to them is top secret but the fates of Jester, the commander who bombed Onderon and Mace Windu, formerly rogue New Galactic Republic officer are to be executed at the hands of Darth Kairn in order to field test project "Beroya".

=Peace under Fire=
Many things have happened recently in the galaxy, a peace meeting was held on Onderon in the city of Iziz to secure a cease of aggressions between the Galactic Council members and the leaders of the New Sith Order.

These negotiations were going smooth until Kairn got bored apparently, he decided it was fun to play around with Councillor Bindo's Lightsaber which infuriated the New Galactic Republic leader so that he decided to challenge Kairn to a fight, Aaron Karax or Veritum as he is sometimes called tried to put a halt to the encounter but this escalated the situation into a full fight, moments later Jester arrived with a Battlegroup that proceeded to fight Kairn and evacuate the councillor.

Later the leader of the Galactic Alliance prepared his own Battlegroup and launched an all out attack on the secret Hyperion Station in Red Nebula, the attack was swift and devastating and easy because the Sith had limited forces left, Praxis fell at the hands of the magnificent Imperious Capital Ships.

What shall all of this mean for the future of the galaxy? Only time will tell, your loyal news team hopes that our leaders don't plunge us into an era of darkness but instead into one of peace with the Sith now almost gone and with only the New Galactic Republic's intrusion left to settle.

=Operation Subterfuge=
Just a day ago, Mandalore's Kad'ara Battlegroup spearheaded a recon mission to the Malachor system which was supposedly the last of their empire but this was not the case but more on this later.

Before this operation the Sith tried to establish a peace with the galactic powers but the negotiations never even started due to a catastrophic decision pulled by Jedi Padawan Exilium who persuaded the captain of a orbiting Star Destroyer to open fire on the small vessel, it was destroyed and as a result the Padawan was exiled by the Jedi Order but redeemed in the ranks of the Grey Jedi who now serve the New Galactic Republic.

After these events the skirmish above Malachor became the catalyst to a dreadful terrorist style attack on major population centers scattered across Galactic Council worlds, luckily the Mandalorian Empire's, New Galactic Republic's and the Galactic Alliance's worlds were all left alone.

The strikes at many Galactic Council worlds did a number on the resolve of the populous of some worlds but on others it infuriated the civilians seeking retaliation against the New Sith Order.

On Malachor robotic drones moved to attack the Kad'ara Battlegroup, they were packed with anti-ship explosives and were going to ram Mandalor''s forces but since the Kad'ara Battlegroup was on the edge of the system they were able to retreat quickly according to Mandalore, this was their intent "stirring the hornets nest" as he called it, though we have no idea what a hornet actually is but we believe its unwise to stir it.

Furthermore, there are discussions that the Mandalorians are planning to leave the Galactic Council though these are unconfirmed.

One can only wonder, how exactly the Sith passed the defenders and ransacked GC worlds and how they are able to stay hidden when most of the galaxy is under allied control, who is funding them? Sheltering them? These are just some of the few questions the citizens of allied factions are asking themselves.

Today we bring you the sad news that Mandalore the Strategist's right hand man has been assassinated, Jaster Lor a loyal Mandalorian has been brutally murdered by a Jedi and its on video evidence, Mandalore has not yet released a statement but in our opinion this act must not go unpunished as Force users everywhere are a menace and blight upon the galaxy... Save for our own of course as they have honor and are noble in stead of cold-blooded killers or boring peacekeepers who don't actually keep the peace.

*Newscaster reads a new line of script*

But whatever may happen we are going to commemorate this hero in our Hall of Champions in Sundari on Mandalore where Jaster will join with the many other fallen that have played a major role in the Mandalorian Empire.

In other news today, Mandalore has ordered better control of the precious Beskar'gam and stated that it will be placed into the hands of fewer rather then be used in mass numbers which make it weaker, now a single soldier with the armor can be a lethal force but he must earn it first, Mandalore himself does not wish to use it until he is deemed worthy enough for it... Strange but noble.

=Fall of Empires=
We have been gathering information and hoarding it for some time to bring you a large update, nothing on the homefront other then telling you that everything is going quite well, but the problems that are effecting the galaxy are numerous, the New Sith Order has fallen almost completely and the rise and fall of another empire.

-New Sith Order defeated
The attack came sudden and across multiple sectors, battlegroups of the Galactic Alliance, New Galactic Republic and the Galactic Council Military Force went past the Core worlds and hit the Sith on their homeworlds.

Within a short time the Sith were vanquished by the irresistible might of the combined forces but it goes needless to say that the Sith resisted but some in the end chose to desert but more on that later.

The Dark Lord of the Sith, Praxis choose to dismantle his empire by detonating his defences which left the entire New Sith Order defenceless.

-Last Stand
As the Sith fell to the allies some last remnants somehow managed to pass our borders and the attackers almost miraculously and build up a fortress of underground networks and above ground strongholds.

This battle is ongoing but so far quite a few things have happened, an advanced Jedi strike team bypassed the fleets in space and tried to dash for the enemy forts but were cut down, in the sky the defenders are not giving an inch of their sacred world and the fighting is going to be bitter and long with sporadic skirmishes and all out combat happening everywhere in a chaotic blaze of death and destruction that any warrior would dream off...

Uhm ah yes, that's it on that front and now.

Darth Lynx left the New Sith Order and went back to his outpost on Tund where he proceeded to dismantle the worlds government and installed himself as king quite brutally backed by his forces that also somehow managed to survive the attacking allied forces.

His reign was short lived and despite all his promises of peace, there cannot be a peace when you are being oppressed and conquered and thus the conquered planetary governments came together to rebel against King Lynx and they were quite successful, marching on his palace the Sith ordered his Marauders to commit suicide with him and pass on his essence onto a device on Ayeric's wrist and thus ending the rain of a dictator posing as a democratic leader.

Ayeric has fled, where exactly he went is unknown but he carries the spiritual remains of a dozen warrios and Lynx with him, Ayeric is not welcome on Mandalore because of his treason and will be prosecuted on sight.

That is all we have for today, we shall keep you posted just as soon as the updates reach us.

=Advozse Invasion=
Now before you all panic about the headline, we are not the ones that are attacked for it is ours allies the Sith which are being invaded by this race of solitary beings.

They have attacked several Sith worlds and despite for their arrogance the Sith are fighting back the invaders with ease at the following battlegrounds.

-Sub Terrel

We wish our allies luck in their efforts to defeat the enemy.

In other news, we are still recovering from the Civil War but things have quieted down a lot, Mandalore himself is prone to disappearing and it is rumoured that he is spending time on some rural world for leisure, your loyal news team of course wonder why someone would prefer that rather then relaxing in a palace but its not for us to decide.

Besides that there is also the news that several corporations have come together under Project Eva to create several new battlefield combat systems though most are still being tinkered on the program has shown great promise.

=Economic Relief=
Lucrative trade agreements are repairing the Mandalorian Empire slowly and steadily, with every passing merchant ship coming in and doing its bit to make the damage undone but not only traders are doing their part.

Treaties and agreements were made between the Mandalorian Empire and the New Galactic Republic to allow for NGR soldiers to be trained by Mandalorian warriors on Mandalore's polar region which their worlds do not have, arctic training is as much necessary as training in other regions to allow the soldiers to perform effectively.

But the biggest boost to the coffers of the Mandalorian Empire are the trade agreements made with the Sith which state the following:

-Korriban shall be turned over to the Sith.
-Mechis and Thyferra go to the Mandalorians.
-Resources to build up Mechis and Thyferra are provided.
-An extra stream of resources is provided for other expenses.
-Kairn's last secret is revealed to the Sith.

The Sith have quite paid a large sum for this secret, what goes on behind the screens and what words are spoken between Mandalore and Praxis are beyond your loyal news team.

Besides that we are also happy to announce the final and long awaited marriage of Wout Catarn and Deynna Shan, Mandalore's sister and chief ship builder.

Along with marrying the most beautiful women in the Mandalorian Empire, Wout was promoted to Alor'aan.

=Economic Distress=
In this day and hour I bring you the grim news of uprisings, revolts, mass spread hunger, famine, pestilence and panic, the list of problems that have befallen the Mandalorian Empire are numerous and they all can be traced to the struggle we recently thought we could forget.

The allies of Mandalore have have sent what they can to combat the troubles we are facing but everyone is wondering what they wish in return, outsiders are not to be trusted.

Mandalore the Strategist and Alor'ad Wout remain symbols to rally beneath, their calm and optimism in this crisis is wondrous, even if Mandalore himself declined to debate with Admiral Gharn when a complete status report came to his desk.

We may not surrender or falter, we must carry on if we are to beat this challenge.

=Expanding the Empire=
With order firmly restored across the Mandalorian Empire, it is time to expand its borders and bring the millennia old culture to the galaxy once more.

Our noble warriors are travelling the stars and laying claims to the worlds without government, with promises of wealth and glory who can deny the Empire's rule?

Yavin 4 is already in the pocket of Mandalore, what other planet shall follow a similar fate we shall find out soon.

*Addition* We have just heard that a small group of ships is nearing Naboo, how the pacifist race of that world will respond to us is to be seen but the Kad'ara Battlegroup is also not standing still and advancing on a world that we all know from tales and legends, Korriban.

*Addition* The Mandalorians move on to the worlds of Ryloth and Tatooine, what they wish to do on those crime invested worlds is beyond your loyal news team.

This news team shall bring you all the updates from the fronlines as usual.

=Stone upon Stone=
Well at last the Civil War ends and like you're favourite and ever so loyal news team predicted, Mandalore the Merciless was defeated quickly by a massive allied force and the overall superiority of the loyalist forces.

In the Onderon system victory parades are held with the victorious forces of Mandalore the Strategist and Darth Assassin of the New Sith Order while the elite Champions of Mandalore are sweeping Dxun clean and helping in the rebuild effort.

On the worlds of Dathomir and Myrkr the jungles took beatings but it can be repaired, the beasts of Myrkr were unaffected by the combat which means the Mandalorian Elite still has access to their favourite pets while on Dathomir the Witches are forgiven for their insurrection and outfitted to be part of the Mandalorian forces which are assisting in rebuilding the war scared world.

Mandalore and Concardia saw the least destructive battle in terms of casualties, in Keldabe at the Warrior's Keep Mandalore the Merciless was marked a traitor to the Mandalorian Empire and sentenced to death by fire squad in front of masses. On Concardia the mining colonies resume normal operations, the civilians there just want to be left alone and to mine.

Verdi'ka Orix has performed well despite disobeying orders, the Verdi'ka hired a band of mercenaries to combat the rebels and eliminated several Anti-Air weapons in the progress before heading out to Dathomir to help his Commander Alor'ad Wout at the head of a armored battalion. The local Dathomiri Witches are placed under his command along with a small force Alor'ad Wout has provided for him to use until such a time comes that he can direct his own fleet.
Orix has been promoted to Verd'ka Sol'yc, though according to Mandalore he could have received a higher rank had he not disobeyed orders.

In other news, Farseer has produced some new Ground and Aerial Units, a Heavy Gunship to replace the old Hollow gunship, a new Light Gunship that also serves as a Light Transport of sorts, some kind of experimental training Gunship that is undergoing tests, the needed armored personnel carrier to protect infantry from snipers, which had proven to be a problem during the Civil War and lastly a space-to-ground transport unit that can land personnel and units in large numbers.

=Civil War Crisis=
We apologize for not bringing in this important news event earlier but we were on Mandalore reporting on the wedding of Mandalore's sister, Deynna Shan, when it came under attack by its own defenders.

The Mandalorian people now face a civil war led by a figure known only as Mandalore the Merciless who has decided to take up arms against Mandalore the Strategist, this reporter shall not lie to you and tell you that he wishes to see both of them gone for causing this war, but we shall see what the Kara decide to do in this conflict.

From his bases on Concardia The Merciless assumed control of Dxun from which warriors with Jetpacks, possibly the 208th Sky Corps, attacked the defenders on Onderon. On Dathomir and Myrkr the Dathomiri are fighting along side with the rebel forces against loyalist forces in the thick jungles.

Luckily the Mandalorians were on good terms with the other factions and soon millions upon millions of veterans from the Silentium war came to help the loyalist forces.

On Mandalore things are looking grim, mercenary forces under the cyborg soldier Orix are struggling to take out large Anti-Air weapons that the enemy seized in Keldabe itself, Admiral Gharn the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Council's forces arrived earlier and has troops positioned around the empty Palace known as Warrior's Keep, the symbol of the reign of Mandalore the Regent, and is defending it veraciously while the forces of the New Galactic Republic's commander Jester are bombing the once beautiful forests of Mandalore to destroy the rebels hiding in them and landing aid relief supplies to help the civilian victims and help Gharn's men.

The Onderon system is a warzone in which Mandalore the Strategist with help from Darth Assassin is able to defeat the rebel forces in the city of Iziz with great ease but the same cannot be said for Dxun which was almost completely lost to the rebels, the steady but painful advance of loyalist forces is carrying on but as long as the invisible array of Anti-Air is in place only a few loads of soldiers can be carried to the planet.

Dathomir and Myrkr have turned into a utter nightmare according to reports, air units wreaking about and infantry fighting under the thick canopies, armored units getting stuck in swamps and the Witches causing major pain on the loyalist and allied supply lines.

Your news team must now pack up its things and move on to the colonies where it will be safer and from where we will post updates as they become available.

In other news today, the Mandalorians have allied themselves with with most factions such as the members of the Galactic Council and the New Sith Order which is pretty much the reason they are helping us if you ask this reporter.

=The War Machine Rises=
On this day the Mandalorian fleet has been revised and updated in most ways, The WWC has created two new ships for the Armed Forces.

Their operations have resumed to their full capacity and the Mandalorian Empire is pushing its borders with the new ships provided.

The Fleet Protocol has been ordered and the Mandalorian Commanders are to rebuild their fleet according to the Mandalorian Empire's standards, the consequences for not executing these orders are well known to them.

Joining the Mandalorian Military is Verdi'ka Orix, the former Chiss Supreme Commander that attacked his allies has been placed under control of Wout until he gains sufficient rank for a military command.
His old forces have been placed on a undisclosed location and are under lockdown.

The revisions have also hit the Ground Forces with several new combat systems and branches being created, the innovations will greatly help the Mandalorian cause.

=Moving the Forge=
Chief Operations Officer and Alor'ad Wout of the WoutenWarship Corporation has recently completed his dangerous journey to move the Bestine shipyards to Taris.
Operations have started again and are proceeding smoothly with the first ship being created, a Crusader-class called Jordaan shall join the Taris (Bestine) Defence Force soon.

During the travel many problems troubled the convoys in the moving force even before the actual move and for some time even after but pushing forward everything is going back to usual business.

At Bestine the WWC had to leave some of its material behind so they requested that a Mandalorian Battlegroup take up position their, Bestine has since been turned into a trade outpost and a minor military base has been created with some fortifications to pacify this area of control in the Mandalorian Empire.

=A New Era=
A new Era is dawning upon everyone and the Mandalorians shall take part of it. Ships are returning to their shipyards for repair while the vessels still space worthy are advancing upon nearby systems to really them to the Mandalorian cause and together rebuild their corner of the galaxy.

The sacrifice of many shall not be forgotten and a memorial is being set-up on Mandalore to honor their names.
The WoutenWarship Corporation is moving its shipyards to a new planet to be closer to Mandalore and to safety, the other corporations are also planning on moving away from Mandalore to avoid all shipyards being in danger from foreign invasion again.

Today we are reminded by the anniversary of the death of Mandalore the Regent who ruled with an iron fist over the Mandalorian Empire, his name will never be forgotten and and is being engraved in his favorite Beskad and put next to the memorial, Jarus Shan and Gard Loord.

But there is also joy as the Mandalorians are spurred on to look forward to a bright future by their new leader, Mandalore the Strategist.

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Kotor reference eh?

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