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New Coalition Information and Screenshots, including new maps, weapon models, and enemy models.

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Its now 2023! The year passed by so fast! And in a few months, it will have been two years of working on Coalition! We have been working very hard during this period of time to add new maps, weapon models, mechanics, and enemy models! Here is just a small selection of the stuff we've been working on within the last few months!

Screenshot 16876

Screenshot 16909

Screenshot 16912

Screenshot 16907

Screenshot 16898

Screenshot 16903

Screenshot 16900

Screenshot 16893

Screenshot 16902

BionicCoyote - - 1,255 comments

This looks awesome!

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eyeling Author
eyeling - - 108 comments

Glad you think so! Once all of the weapon animations are done, we'll make a video showcasing them, along with all of the changes to their functionality.

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Krychur - - 1,004 comments

you mentioned a pulse rifle that burns people. it could work considering the Incendiary Rifle that was removed from Half-Life 2, which used the AR2 model the Pulse Rifle uses now.

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eyeling Author
eyeling - - 108 comments

Yeah I was experimenting with that. I don't know if it will be in the final mod or not. But there will be new modifications to the old weapons, some of them work and feel completely different so I'm excited to see what people think of them! I really want a weapon that burns people, and the AR2 is a good contender, and it works pretty well! But no guarantee, things might change, you never know.

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anotherhalflifefan - - 4 comments

is the CPMC rebel some type of low level enemy or an elite operator?

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eyeling Author
eyeling - - 108 comments

They are a group of elite mercenaries working with the rebels. So yes, they are elite operators and are extremely lethal but will only rarely appear. We have actually have a video showcasing their lethality. Check out the videos tab for that! (BTW the combine soldier voice lines are placeholders. They'll have their own voice acting soon!)

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