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New signs, telepads, user created public area options, bug fixes and more.

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Client Version 1.3

We are very excited to announce the 1.3 release of the NuVera Online client. We've fixed up a lot of issues and added some pretty sweet new features!

Notable Changes

Public Areas
We've made some various adjustments to user public areas. For starters there is now a clear pool button under My Places that will move all NuVO Note currently in your NN pool back to your main NN balance. This should make things a bit easier when managing your NNs. Clicking on Places from the main menu no longer opens up the big buttons for Tutorial Island and Sunset Harbor as these buttons have been integrated in to the user public places screen which now shows by default. The user public area info now also shows the Area ID for the selected user public area.

We've removed the restriction on the amount of user public areas a denizen member can own. Denizen members can now have unlimited public areas, but keep in mind that each new public area will have it's own weekly rent.

I'm really excited about this new retail item as it has so much potential use. Signs are purchasable retail items in client that allow you to display a message on said sign. Managing a sign allows you to change the background color, text color, and font size used on the sign. Those familiar with HTML can use basic HTML tags such as bold, italic, tables and more to make some stand out visual signs.


There are 3 different visual styles for the signs that can be purchased separately. More sign options will come available over time.

Telepads allow for quick transportation between user public areas. Plop down one of these new shiny devices and you can setup quick gateways to your favorite public locations or link your public location to another area you own or one owned by your friend. The telepads use the Area ID listed in the user public places interface to know where it should go. Simply manage the telepad, enter the Area ID and click ok. Now when you walk on to it, it will ask if you want to go to that public area. Simple technology in your hands today! Guaranteed to get you there with most of your atoms arranged correctly.


Role-Play Chat Commands
We added a couple of chat commands for those doing roleplay. Type /roll in the chat field and a random number is generated between 1 and 6. You can also add a number such as /roll 20 to emulate difference die sizes. We've also added in a /flipcoin that will say heads or tails randomly. Can't make a decision on something? /flipcoin is the the answer!

There have been a host of bug fixes and tweaks to various elements to improve the client over all. Please see below for the long list of updates and changes.

Release Notes

- Users can no longer wear wrong gender content (ex: trying to wear a male shirt on a female avatar)
- Patron accounts can no longer wear risque content (This is to resolve the scenario of someone becoming a denizen, purchasing risque content and then still being able to were it after cancelling their denizen account)
- More bug fixes to address getting stuck while loading an area
- Fixed issue with snapshots having the user interface in the picture when the “include user interface” option is not checked.
- Snapshots saved to your computer are now saved with a file name including that avatar that took the snapshots and the date instead of just snapshot_#.png
- Added slash commands for chat
- /roll
Rolls a random number chosen between one and the number specified, or 6 if no number is specified.
- /flipcoin
Displays heads or tails randomly.
- User entering/exiting area messages are now displayed in the area tab instead of global.
- Hotdog stand texture now higher resolution due to comments from numerous users about it appearing blurry.
- Fixed issue where using the Remove All Clothing option would not properly remove the clothing from the what am I wearing interface or save correctly on the server.
- Loading an environment while in a public location will now bring you home to that environment and not pull everyone else with you to that location
- Updated incorrect lightmaps for interior buildings in Sunset Harbor
- Fixed issue with not being able to zoom out of first camera mode
- Fixed issue with first person camera clamping between wrong values causing the first person view to only show straight up and behind in some instances
- Client should no longer hang on exit
- Fixed issue with friends list hanging at loading list for some users

- Chat text field should no longer lose focus when new messages come in on another tab
- Incoming chat messages now play a sound if you the chat field does not have focus
- Chat Options window now has an option to disable chat sounds
- Advanced decorate window now has “Local Axis” toggle button when in movement mode. When active the move gizmo works relative to the object, when not active movement is relative to world directions.
- Using the mouse scroll wheel to scroll up/down in the chat history should no longer also zoom the camera in and out
- Chat field text entry limited to 512 characters. Previously unlimited.
- Open “right click” menus will disappear automatically if you walk/run
- Radio/Camera/Area tabs now close when loading in to a new area.
- Minor visual tweak to friends list to indent listed friends. Highlight effect now matches other lists.
- Layout option "Submit to Catalog" button removed until we can resolve larger issues with how layout products are handled.
- User public area list now takes up full window height if a public area is not selected
- Added vertical space for user public area description so more of the description is visible without scrolling
- User Public Area information in places list now shows Area ID to the left of the Load button
- Added more advanced color picker for selecting colors.
- Changed default font for interface text
- Changed look of buttons
- Minor change in window backgrounds
- Various minor changes to button positions in some windows
- Scroll lists now have different background
- Clicking a right click menu item will no longer interact with objects behind the menu. (EG: Clicking Manage Terminal while the menu is still over the terminal will no longer show the object edit buttons)
- Objects being moved in decorate mode will no longer interact with the player such as being able to place on object on an avatar.
- Opening Public Places now displays the User Public Area list instead of the big Tutorial Island and Sunset Harbor buttons
- Added Tutorial Island and Sunset Harbor buttons to the left of User Public Area list under the categories
- User Public Area list changed from 50 per page to 30 per page
- User Pubc Area next/previous buttons visual update
- My Places is now a scroll list to accommodate more than two public areas for denizens

[User Public Areas]
- Can no longer wear risque content in public locations unless that area is setup to allow it
- Can now removal all clothing in User Public Area if that area is marked as mature
- User Public Area management window now has a checkbox for “mature” which determines whether users in your public area can wear risque content
- Added “Can Change Mature” moderator privilege for User Public Areas. This will allow/disallow a moderators ability to change the mature option mentioned above
- Patron account members are not able to enter User Public Areas marked as mature.
- Adding NuVO Notes to your pool will now properly update the nuvo notes amount shown in the main menu at the top of the screen
- Added Clear NN Pool button next to Add To NN Pool button which allows you to remove all NN’s from your nn pool and have them returned to your regular balance.
- Removed restriction on amount of public areas that can be created by Denizen members. Denizen members can now create unlimited pubic areas, but must pay weekly rent for each public area after the first one. Patron accounts are still limited to only having the ability to create
1 public area.

[Retail Items]
- Removing an animation on a mannequin now saves on the server
- Added text “Sales Terminal” to texture of Sales Terminals to make it more clear what it is
- Added New Retail Items:
- Wood Sign Wall
- Wood Sign Ground
- Stone Sign Ground
- Telepad Square
- Telepad Round
- New telepad retail objects allow quick transportation between user public areas. Simply manage your telepad and enter the Area ID of the user public area you want to link to. Walking on to a telepad will prompt if you want to teleport to the name of the user public area you set.
- New sign retail objects allow a new way of displaying information to your public area visitors. Managing a sign allows you to enter text that will displayed on the sign. Font size, font color and background color can be changed in the manage window. The signs also accept basic html formatting such as bold, underline, center etc..


Looks like second life, is there many players playing it?

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danto Author

There are many users currently active on NuVera Online and growing day by day. There may be some comparison to SL, but it is not an OpenSim or connected to SL in any way. It is a separate development created using the Unity3D game engine.

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