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Modifying base game textures to more accurately reflect the upkeep that would be performed on power armor.

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As a one-person team, it falls to me to do everything, so progress on one thing must inevitably slow to deal with another. As such, progress on the Interiors and cluttering of the exteriors of New Cincinnati has stalled while I begin working on the three sets of power armor I'll be adding to the game, all based on the Remnant Advanced Power Armor in the base game. These three will be:

  1. Advanced Power Armor - The properly up-kept version of the armor seen in default New Vegas. Rust is removed, the lines showing the plating underneath at the seams have been dealt with and the paint somewhat smoothed to make it appear more clean and usable.
  2. Patrol APA - A desert camouflaged version. Ceramic colored to blend into desert situations, this is the kind seen worn by the talking heads of Fallout 2.
  3. Assault APA - Naval camouflaged version. Blue, dark grey, and black are the principle colors here. This is the kind seen worn by the Enclave Assault Squad in Fallout 2.

After this, there's one additional armor set to be properly re-textured and added: Overwatch Combat Fatigues. These are used by all non power armored guards in the city above, and is a combination of Mark 2 combat armor and the Enclave Officer Outfit from Fallout 3. I will release these four armor sets, and the unmarked Vault Suit accompaniment, as a stand-alone .esp once work has been completed to my satisfaction. They will be stuffed in an Enclave crate near the crashed Vertibird, unless a better idea comes my way.

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