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DarkEdeNight's Artist here,One of the goals of the game is to get 8 characters but with the new additions to the system in the most recent update there are lots of new possibility's for characters. So far I've come up with 5 but we cant reasonably do them all so I thought it would be cool to ask what everyone thought. Now these designs are not 100% final, because I focus more on the play styles. Let us know what you think.

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-Puppet: Play Style will be will be loosely inspired by (mk9)Kenshi. The way this puppet fights is by utilizing 3 main familiars a cat, frog, and mouse. Puppet will have a mid to low movement speed to compensate for long range.

-Cat: summoned 2 tiles away and attacks that push up and away. This familiar is good for getting enemies away from you.

-Frog: summoned 4 tiles away with attacks that push down and back. Frog is very good for getting enemies out of the air and setting up for Cat attacks.

-Mouse: summoned 3 tiles with neutral attack that don't push very much but are great for extending combos.


-Ninja: Play Style inspired by (pm)Wolf normal's and (ssb4)Sheik/Greninjas specials. This character will have a high movement speed that complements a high risk high reward play style.

-Conceal: This move creates a shadow moves across the ground. This is the bass to ninjas three abilities Clone, Teleport, and Substitution.

-Clone: When performing Conceal ninja can input moves that will summon on clone at the location of the shadow.

-Teleport: Once the Conceal move is done the shadow will stay at its final location for a set amount of time, and during this time if Conceal is performed again then ninja will teleport to the shadow.

-Substitution: This is done by holding the attack button though the duration of an attack, and if hit ninja will be replaced by a stunning flash and reappear at the shadow location or a set distance away. The down side to this is that these attack have no hit boxes and have a lag at the end of them that leave you open to punishment.


-Shield: Play style inspired by (mvc2)Captain America and (ki)Aganos. Shield will be the slowest character in both movement and moves, this will go hand and hand with his defensive hard punish play style.

-Hyper Defense: As a compromise for being the slowest character shield will not flinch if hit while an attacking hit box is out.

-The Wall: Shield can create a wall by slamming his shield in the ground. The Wall can block projectiles as will attacks. Also it can be used to corner enemies allowing shield to combo with attacks that normally push the enemy away. The Wall serves as a platforming option as will if shield jumps atop of it.

-Retaliate: An attacks that absorbs damage from multiple attacks and releases it all back on an enemy with one attack. As shields fastest attack this can be used as a sudo parry or counter move to start combos. This move reflects projectiles but doesn't absorb damage from them and can be aimed front, up, and back while held.[/spoiler]


-Trapper: Play Style inspired by (inuyasha)Sango and (ssbb)Snake. This character utilizing the only returning projectile a boomerang, but trapper can use this weapon at close range or long by holding the attack button while performing an attack to throw the boomerang. But throwing the boomerang leaves trapper only 4 moves a simple punch and 3 traps.

-Mine: An explosive that pushes enemies airborne. This a great set up for air combos or boomerang.

-Latch: This trap holds enemy in place for a short period, as will force them into standing if grounded. This is a good setup for ground combos.

-Tripwire: Faint wire that forces enemies into a grounded state. This is useful for resetting an to extend combos.


-Float: Play style inspired by (hyrule warriors)Fi and (mvc2)Magneto. Fighting with ballerina/figure skater style Float will be a predominantly kick based character.


-Float: This is both a passive and a move that can be performed in the air. The passive ability on the ground makes float less susceptible low attack but in return she is easier to hit with aerial attacks while grounded. The aerial move makes float fall slower, this is useful in extending air combos.

-Bounce: This will be a platform that will be created when float uses certain moves. The platform will allow for extended aerial reach/mobility but they can also be used as traps to blast enemy in different directions.

-Pull: Float also has the ability to pull enemies inward making them stand up again from a grounded state. This becomes useful for resetting combos after using the bounce ability.

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